Friday, August 26, 2016

Creative Containers for Succulents and Vines

When I was preparing for the Beaverton Flea,
I was inspired to create some plant ensembles,
partly because it was summertime,
but also because plants bring the flea displays
to life and add vibrance.

Anytime I can keep the planters versatile, I'll do it.
I planted these in plastic containers that would fit
perfectly into the planters. This way,
the plants can be removed if they die  don't flourish,
or you wish to use the vessels for other decor ideas.

This creamer and aluminum measuring cup
were easy for fitting liners into.
The creamer has a small plastic drinking cup
that I cut the top lip off of to conceal it.
I planted the succulent into a peat pot first,
and tucked in Spanish moss to soften the edge.

The measuring cup perfectly accommodated
the cut off bottom of a clear pop bottle.

This fabulous Blue Willow teapot was missing its lid,
so I thought its vivid designs would compliment
a crisp green plant perfectly!

I didn't want to add a mess of soil and filler to the teapot,
so to my delight, I found one of those Glad storage containers
that fit snug as a bug into the mouth of the teapot!

By tucking in Coco fiber around the plant,
it did a fine job of hiding the plastic rim.

I found this old mantel clock that had serious body issues,
and knew it was the perfect candidate 
for a chalk paint makeover and a plant.

And so it was. After taking the clock guts out,
I painted it a tomato red, then top-coated it with
a vibrant leaf green. Finally, I painted the little
worn plaque with black chalkboard paint,
so a little something could be written on it.

The Piece de Resistance was adding the wire vine plant.
Again, a Glad or Saran container came to the rescue.
This time, it was one of those little oblong ones.
Once I cut off the rim that the lid fits on,
it slid into the clock like it was made for it!
Sadly, I was away from home for a week,
so you know what happened. The plant expired.
That's okay though. I think I'll sell it with a
fresh liner, so it can have many uses.
I'm thinking a sweet bottle brush tree
arrangement for Christmas!

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  1. Hi Mia,
    I appreciate the inspired ideas you've had to use vintage and antique containers. Going to auctions for my shop, sometimes leaves me with things that are missing a top which I found within a lot box and then I am looking for ways to use the bottom. An interesting new twist is that I now have a big box of lids to all sorts of containers (depression glass, jadeite, coffee pots, antique jars, etc.) and I have no bottoms, just the tops! Oh, yes, and a small box of perfume bottle tops! I won't forget your great idea to line silver and metal with plastic. Good thinking! ~Ginene

  2. Hi Mia,

    Your blog is amazing. I am in love with all your posts, please keep it up!!!

    thanks- Victoria


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