Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ghosts Be With You

Photo Courtesy Warner Brothers Double Double Toil and Trouble
Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble
Something Wicked This Way Comes!
Wishing you a Witchy and Ghostly All Hallows' Eve!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

4 Chalk Paint On Brass Transformations

If you follow my blog, you already know how much I love chalk paint. While I’ve painted many things with it, I especially love that it has enabled me to transform brass pieces into home decor with real character that I never could have captured with spray paint. Here are 4 of my latest brass transformations…….
I forgot to take a Before picture of this, but I know you’ve all seen a bazillion of these brass cricket boxes.
Just by chalk-painting the outside and waxing it, all the pierced shapes really stand out now.
If you line the inside with a contrasting fabric or paper, it would make an adorable presentation gift box.
This is a lovely vintage hand mirror, with great Art Deco details on the frame, but it needed a little more personality.
Now it’s an attention-getter, fit for display on the vanity.
I’ve used this technique before, by painting the whole frame, then waiting a few minutes of drying time, then carefully wiping the paint off the raised details. If you wipe off too much, you can always touch it up with a thin brush. Then I waxed to seal the paint. I wait a day before buffing the wax, just to give the paint a little more time to harden. Even then, sometimes a little paint will come off during the buffing, but it will add character, so no worries.
This is a Chinese bell that I purchased as is. I knew it was meant to be hanging from the holder, so I brought it home to repair and paint.
A few coats of chalk paint later, and a ring to hang the bell, it is now ready to serve as a dinner bell or for meditation.
I haphazardly layered Black, Brick, Rust, & Aqua, then clear and dark wax. Finally, I lightly sanded all the raised details to highlight them by exposing the brass beneath.
Last, but not least, are these wonderful Italian frames. (Wouldn't you know it, after I edited my Before pics, I accidentally deleted all the originals. So these unaltered frames are courtesy of another Etsy shop, with a link to them.) Though these are pretty dime-a-dozen, they have such wonderful lines with great chalk paint potential.
I painted the frames in deep Turquoise/Teal, then highlighted them in metallic gold.
Rather than just painting the frames and leaving the glass and pictures intact, I thought it would be fun to transform them into a mini chalkboard grouping.

After carefully prying out the glued-in masonite backing boards, I painted them with several layers of chalkboard paint. I wanted something to hold the boards in place, yet keep them convertible from chalkboard back to picture frame if desired. I cut some tongue depressors to fit snugly into the backs, painted them gold, and covered the board backs with textured metallic tissue and sealed them.
Now they’re elegant in front and back!
So there you have it. Four easy transformations that give a beautiful new life to brass, rather than gathering dust on the thrift store shelf.

Beautifying A Rescued Treasure, Thanks To Etsy


 I recently acquired this gorgeous pair of vanity accessories. Made by Globe, this brush and comb are both 24k gold-plated, and the details are stunning.

Although I was disappointed to see that the metal appliqué was missing from the brush, I decided to make it my mission to find a suitable replacement.

Not to mention that whatever piece I found, it would need to cover as much of the scar as possible, left behind from the previous one.

I do believe I succeeded. I found this brass medallion on Etsy. I knew it wasn’t as brilliant a gold as the 24k, but I was still able to alter it a bit by adding gold pigment powder to bright gold metallic paint, and sealed it with gloss clearcoat. If I had some gold leaf sheets on hand, I would’ve applied that instead.

Finally, I attached it carefully with E-6000 industrial strength adhesive.

Now this brush and comb are ready for a new life in all their beautiful shimmering glory!Thank the gods for Etsy, for having every craft item under the Sun!

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Wooden Treasures Waiting for Chalk Paint

In my last post, I’d just finished another chalk paint treasure. I thought I’d share my latest thrift finds that will soon be transformed with chalk paint also.
This awesome tilt mirror that will be perfect on someone’s dresser or vanity….
Fantastic spice or apothecary cabinet
Not One,
But Two rolltop valet jewelry boxes,
An oh-so-charming plywood corner shelf,
And a cubby that I may or may not let go of. I might have to enjoy living with a while before relinquishing it to my Etsy shop. Would you believe that all but the tilt mirror were acquired from 1 (!) trip to Goodwill. I picked a great day to go! No clue what colors these will be yet, but I’ll let the paint and the brush lead me as I always do. They know best…. As you can see, I have one serious amount of painting to do. If you don't see any trace of me for a couple weeks, call for help!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tiffany Blue and Marigold Chalk Paint Magic

Just finished another chalk-painted treasure!

What was once Drab……

Is now Fab! This is a prime example of the magic of paint.

Accentuating the positive

And adding shapely curves where there were none…..

I started with a base coat of Tiffany blue (my favorite aqua), then painted the accents with a mustard yellow topped with marigold yellow.

Never one to leave well enough alone, I highlighted the lines with high-pigment metallic gold and bronze.

Finished with clear and dark wax, giving the blue and yellow a warm depth.

Then, after perfecting every line, I distressed the hell out of it….:)

I never decided a direction I wanted to go with this design. I only knew the colors I wanted to use. I just started painting, and let my Muse take the lead. When I allow a design to occur organically, and not over-think it, it tends to fall into place rather quickly. I usually love the end result more too! Well, off I go. In my next post, I'll be showing you all the new treasures waiting for chalk paint magic. 

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