Wednesday, March 28, 2012

There's always Time to Treasure Hunt.......

I can't believe it's been weeks since I posted last. Time flies, especially when you're consumed by home matters. Well, despite the headaches I've been fighting with lately, I did manage to squeeze in a few trips to GW. Here are just a few treasures I acquired........

This beauty opens to 3 sections, and I was thrilled that it still had its key. What a glorious deep Turquoise color, and I love that it has a mirror, rather than just a satin insert.
The ubiquitous globe. Although there's a plethora of choices on Ebay and Etsy, in its defense, I didn't find one on a wire stand. This one's made by Cram, from 1967.
I really don't know if this is terribly vintage or not, but I loved the colors, bones and weight of this box. If it doesn't meet the 20-year vintage rule of Etsy, I may just sell it here on the blog.
I love this piece. Great shape, size, pattern, and feet! Despite the fact that brass is making a comeback, I bought this solely with the purpose of giving it the chalk paint treatment, and distressing the raised pattern. 
I'll show the results on a later post.
This fabulous gem has chalk paint written all over it. I've been on the prowl for more little jewelry boxes and spice cabinets to chalk paint, after I scored This and This.
Dontcha just love the caned doors and little drawers with wooden knobs? The inside has retro orange-y gold velvet interior. To paint or not to paint the cane, 
that is the question. 
I have my work cut out for me on this too.

Sometime soon, I will be creating a page on this blog to sell vintage items, some found and others from my personal collection. They will, in most cases, be items which don't meet Etsy's 20-year-old cutoff, but that I deem to be quality treasures. And rather than list them on Ebay, where I could potentially have to re-list, 
I'll just add them to my blog instead. 

Hope you're having a lovely Spring day! Mine's a sublime blustery Winnie-the-Pooh day.

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Flipping the Birdcage......

Spring is definitely in the air, cuz my painting hand is hankering for projects, and my procrastinating alter ego is incommunicado. 

Case in point: I've had this little decorative birdcage for a couple years now. It had good, charming bones, but seriously needed a better paint color. It's been moved from room to room, gathering dust and waiting to be transformed. 

It had a none too exciting metal tree stuck in the base, 
with none too exciting painted birds perched on the branches.
So I pulled out the tree and birds, patched up the hole,
and went to town on the transformation.

Now I could have easily just got out the can of spray paint,
but I was fond of the wire color already.
So naturally, I proceeded with my usual M.O.,
and chose to painstakingly hand-paint the wood trim only.

When I say painstakingly, I mean painting 
around the wire without touching it. 
At times it was like playing Operation
but fortunately my professional painting hand 
is remarkably steady. The same cannot 
be said for the manufacturer's painter,
so I had to do some color-matching to cover up 
the messies on the wire.

After layers of Annie Sloan chalk paints,
of Duck Egg Blue, Provence, a lightened Olive, 
and finally, clear and dark wax,
this little beauty is a real stunner now!

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