Monday, June 27, 2016

Painting Makeovers and Pet-Sitting, Sitting, Sitting.......

Seems like all of my blog posts this year all start the same......

"What I've been up to". 
It's probably because this is the first year that I've exclusively 
been pet-sitting and NO house-painting.
I'm certainly not complaining, 
as it warms my heart to take care of a variety
of pets, and always in their homes.
It's like being paid to stay at Bed & Breakfasts
with a furry baby, or 2, or 5 at each place!

I wasn't particularly productive as far as my crafting
and Etsy shop are concerned, but I got my Mojo back
at the last house I stayed at last week.

I'm finally putting my vendor hat back on,
after only doing one vintage show a few years ago.
I'll be participating in the Beaverton Flea Market 
Sunday, July 3. My friend Joyce and I  are sharing a
double booth, so I've been painting a few vintage finds
for our space at the Flea. 

Here's a few of them.....

An old mantel clock that's seen better days.

Now with a base coat of tomato red, and many
top coats of vibrant leaf green, clear and dark wax.
I painted the plaque with chalkboard paint,
so now a word or mini message  can be written.
I found a plastic Glad storage container
that fits perfectly inside, so I see a plant in its future!

An old lamp base with great bones.

This base is made up of a few pieces,
held together with the hollow rod
that the wiring is threaded through.
I'm envisioning a wooden tray or bowl
attached to the top in such a way that
allows it to be removed. That way it can
still be an option as a lamp base too! 

As much as we all love weathered wood,
I wasn't stoked with the wording imprinted to this caddy's ends.
If it said the name of an old company, 
that would be one thing, but it said "My Garden Box",
so I sanded down the wording.

I didn't want to cover all the beautiful weathered finish,
so I painted the outer sides, and only 2 of the inner sides,
also leaving the dowel handle and nails alone.
I used the same green as the clock for the base coat,
and dry-brushed aqua ever so lightly over the green.
I distressed it with a chisel and coarse sand paper.
Before I wax it, I will use my rusty vinegar solution
over the distressed wood, so it doesn't look new.

So that's it for now. I'll not be pet-sitting again till 10 days from now.
In the meantime, it's Beaverton Flea Market prep prep prep!

TTFN, Maria

Sunday, June 12, 2016

United We Stand

There is NO place in this world for hate.
It Solves Nothing.

There are no words for the people of Orlando.
Hearts from all over the World 
are with you today.
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