Monday, February 25, 2013

Hollywood Regency Treasure

Happy Monday! 

Thought I'd share a recent gem from my treasure-hunting.

Isn't this fabulous?
A stellar 18" diameter
makes this a radiant focal point.
The stylized Fleur de lis design is stunning.
With all the detail and crevices,
I thought it would be a great
candidate for chalk paint,
but with so many other projects
and ideas waiting for my attention,
I opted to leave it alone, 
and sell it in its original form.
(I'm sure those who gravitate to Hollywood Regency
are thanking me for that.)

The clock is battery-operated and works,
but this would also make an
incredible accent mirror,
since the clock and glass are removable
I've seen a lot of Burwood and Syroco
gold wall accents, but more often than not,
they scream Rococo.Although I appreciate
that look, it's the symmetry of this piece
that won me over, and is now in my Etsy shop.

Projects are waiting, so off I go......


Friday, February 15, 2013

Non-Meteoric Treasures of the Week.....

How about that meteorite! Pretty powerful stuff. There’s probably a lot of questionable creatures thinking their Mothership has finally come for them……

While the flu has been hovering over me like a Dementor all week, so far it hasn’t sucked the soul out of me. I’ve basically kept it at bay, but I’m still woozy and weak, so I've been quite unproductive. Thank the gods for the internet, or I’d be one seriously Bored Being.

But the sun is shining so bright and cheery today, so it’s at least put me in a good enough mood to share some of my recently-found treasures.  

First up, this adorable toy ceramic tea set. 
I only had plastic ones, 
so these would've been a treat to play with.

It’s no secret that I have a big ol’ warm fuzzy for Dutch treasures, due to my very dear friend in The Netherlands. But I can’t keep everything I find, so off to Etsy it went. Although there’s no teapot, I’m amazed that the cups, saucers, and plates are still complete with 4 place settings! The children must not have had too many High Teas with this set.....

A beautiful James Kent ceramic ribbed planter from Staffordshire.

 The green Chrysanthemum design is crisp and stunning, 
and there’s not one single chip anywhere, just gorgeous crazing.

And finally, this very very old papier-mache letter holder.

 I believe it’s Turn-of-the-Century, and is made with a hole for hanging. Although it has lacquer finish issues, the painted detail is intact. I was first drawn to what appears to be a faux tortoise paint technique, that shows its maximum effect when shifted in the light. I’m really hoping someone will have the lacquer finish restored, because it’s still physically sound.

I guess I’ll go back to my regularly-scheduled program now…..TV, internet, chicken soup, and bedrest……

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Vintage Button Card Creations, Episode II

Back at Christmastime, I wrote about my design epiphany with some vintage button cards I had.

Well, since I loved them so much, I thought it would be fun to create some for year-round gift-giving, and not just Christmas. So, I hit the Ebay trail, and amassed a small hoard of vintage button cards to play with. I've seen a lot of digital downloads of images of them, but nothing beats the real thing with me, with all their wrinkles, creases, and price tags, making each one unique.

And is usually the case, I couldn't stop there. I also ordered some beautiful seam binding tape and velvet, in a variety of colors, millinery flowers, and stamen. Thank God for Etsy. You can't just walk around the corner to find a millinery supply store. I already had many colors of crepe paper and rick rack just waiting for a new creation. Vintage rick rack is another gem, since it's usually cotton, allowing me to dye or bleach it.

So, without further ado, hear are my first creations of the year............

As I've said before, Aqua makes Everything better.
I loved that this card still had the old Woolworth's
price tag on it, so I made it part of the design.
Thought I'd play with the crepe paper on this one, instead of rick rack..
After using dictionary paper on the Christmas ones,
I think it's officially one of my trademarks to
use it on all of them. On this one, I really made it
one of the focal points, wrapping it on multiple stems.

My Bingo markers always seem to sneak into my designs.

Definitely a different look for me, as I usually require more color.
However, I like this aged look,
imagining the flowers' color fading to brown, 
and the crepe that was once whiter.
Thanks to alcohol ink, I could easily create that effect.

The abalone buttons coordinated perfectly with the 
embossed silver graphics. I ordered some charcoal
seam binding, that couldn't have matched better.

The seam binding and velvet I ordered were all beautiful,
but I really wanted everything to look more vintage
like the button cards. So I soaked and scrunched them up 
with that ever-useful alcohol ink, and it gave them
the aged warmth I was looking for.

More button cards are waiting, so back to crafting I go!
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Monday, February 4, 2013

Mid Century and Art Nouveau Treasures

Thought I’d share a couple of awesome finds from 
my recent treasure-hunting.

 Mid Century Toy couch and chair, made by Hall’s Lifetime Toys.
I can’t believe how great their condition is! No stains or tears, 
and the wood looks wonderful.

 I never had anything this cool for my Barbie dolls. 
Woody really enjoys it though…..:)

Another gem is this lamp base.
 I don’t normally gravitate to cherubs, but I couldn’t resist the bronze and gilt finish, with the heft of a pink red marble base.

Just too beautiful to leave behind. All it needs is a DIY lamp wiring kit.

I currently have it listed on Ebay, since I just had no clue what it’s worth. I’m glad I did, because the watchers are quickly adding up. Anyone know what’s special about this piece? I’d love to know, since the watchers wouldn't dare enlighten me……


Friday, February 1, 2013

Millinery Valentines with Lace and Wire

I've always enjoyed the mood of Valentine's Day, probably because it brings back happy childhood memories. From the conversation hearts, to the super cute Valentine cards we exchanged in school, it was always a happy occasion. One extra special bonus for me, was my mom always made giant heart-shaped sugar cookies. She'd make extra ones for my best friends, frosted red with their names written in white. Makes me hungry for some of those cookies right now.......

Perhaps that's why I always feel the urge to create some hearts every year.. Thank the gods for Etsy, for giving me an outlet for my holiday crafting.

This year, I'm fine-tuning my vintage button card designs like I did at Christmas, but first I had to create some kind of heart design to satisfy my V-Day crafting needs. Although my creations frequently morph into complicated projects, I do occasionally surprise myself with simplicity. Doesn't happen often, but it sure is fun when it does........

Simple. Rustic. Victorian. 

I was playing around with crafting wire that has a matte, 
uncoated finish, so it's more charcoal than black.
Crocheted lace trim sure is fun for making these,
since it has such perfectly spaced holes to
thread the wire through.

After attaching some sweet snow white millinery clusters,
I added this fabulous black/kraft colored twine,
which coordinates perfectly with the wire and lace.

I made these to tie on Valentine's gifts,
but they look so fresh and peaceful 
hanging together in an all-white setting.

I've obviously got a thing for ornaments, 
and could easily fill a book with all 
my designs from the last 30 years.
But until that book is written, I think I'll go plan out 
some big ol' sugar cookies........

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