Monday, January 25, 2016

Crafting My Way Out of Christmas and Into Valentine's Day

After crafting through the Christmas season, it's very difficult to just stop the creative process, as soon as Christmas is over. The only way to placate the Muse, then, is to continue creating, till I'm no longer inspired. The next natural source of inspiration comes from Valentine's Day, and how convenient that I can still use all of my crafting supplies that involve red, white, silver, and gold.

After creating this little bit of whimsy at Christmastime, I wanted to use the same concept for a Valentine project.

So here's one.....

and here's the other.....
Using 3 elements I have copious amounts of.....
Bottle brush trees, Bingo Cards, and German glass glitter!
A new craft I've recently started is creating tiny faux candles
like those found in kitschy arrangements.

Another concept I thought I'd re-visit was making
gift tag ornaments
with vintage button cards.

These are always a pleasure to play with, because the possibilities are endless!

At Christmastime, I played with a very old Tetley Tea tin, and I loved how it turned out. A fun mix of whimsy, using many vintage elements. I've been drawn to old tins forever, so I'm thrilled that I've discovered a creative way to display them as a centerpiece. Naturally this has started a new obsession with me, as I've begun the inevitable hunting and gathering of more vintage tins, especially smaller ones. 

My first non-Christmas tin design I've played with is this Eight O'Clock Coffee tin.
So many directions I could have gone in,
but in the end I chose an old mercantile theme. So much fun!

I guess we'll just have to wait and see what inspiration
the next tin acquisitions will bring...;)

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