Thursday, November 26, 2015

Putzing Around.....Creating Light-ready Putz Houses

My first 2015 Christmas Putz Houses....

So many little pieces of silver Dresden
to form windows! 
The dimensional flat-back trees are New Old stock 
from Meyer Imports. 

After perusing all the old humble Putz house designs,
one of my favorite details were the sweet spotted rooftops
meant to resemble snow. Let me tell you, purposely painting
imperfect spots took some control from a
perfectionist painter like me.

I do love my silverleaf and German glass glitter,
and used copious amounts of each on this little gem.
I also used silver Dresden and mini tinsel trim.

Now for the lighted part.
Since this is my first year to create 
light-ready Putz houses, some additional
work was required. You have to make the
interior look presentable (as in no unpainted surfaces), and cut holes
for the windows, as well as one for inserting a light.

I used transparency film for the windows,
and coated them with Mod Podge & Varnish,
then tinting them with yellow alcohol ink,
so they glow warm when the light is on inside.

Just for fun, I created a lead glass look
on these windows to add to the whimsical
storybook quality of this house.
Same ingredients as the other windows,
but drew lines first with a fine Sharpie.

The hole on this is to accommodate a battery tealight,

and on this storybook one for a tiny light.

For the red house, I created the same design
as my Halloween house...
A sliding hatch to cover the hole.
Being roomy enough for a battery tealight,
yet shallow from front to back, the hole would
be too visible without a cover.

These houses are now available in my Etsy shop,
and more are being created!

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