Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Auctions and Painting and Auctions and Painting.....

What I've been up to....

Went to my first on-site auction
with my new Instagram junking buddy Joyce.

We each won some rusty treasures,
including old tool boxes,
loaded to the brim with old tools.
More on that later....

We try not to miss our Friday night
auctions at Estate Sales Unlimited
in Hillsboro.
This night I won a lot of over 40
vintage die cast pencil sharpeners
in some of the cutest shapes!

And the following Friday,
I scored this lot of old medicine bottles.

And in between all that,
I was painting a client's entire house,
including some high-wire acts.
Oy Vey, those walls are tall....

And if I must sit on top of a coat closet
to reach those high spots,
then so be it!

But at least I had my client's kitty Rafiki 
to entertain me....

Now that the house is done,
I can focus on getting my accumulated
auction wins listed on Etsy & eBay.
So no creative genius projects to show
until that's caught up!

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TTFN, Maria
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