Friday, February 27, 2015

Live Long & Prosper.....

I have been, and always shall be, your friend.

You shall be missed.....LLAP

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Valentine's Day Heart Boxes with German Glass Glitter & Flowers

I know that lately I've only been blogging about each Putz house I've created, but in the spirit of Valentine's Day, I thought I'd craft something different for gift-giving.

I used to decoupage paper mache boxes way back when, but since I have a love affair with German glass glitter, I felt the need to embellish boxes with it.

From the simple paper mache heart box......

To decadence with charm.....

Painted Tiffany blue, I encrusted the lid with a mixed grit of Silver German Glass Glitter, for the ultimate sparkle. I've sealed the glitter for added adhesion, which will also minimize future tarnish.

Painted a soft warm pink, I encrusted the lid with a fine grit Pink Champagne German Glass Glitter.
Muted, nostalgic elegance.

Hand-tinted millinery flowers and pips are joined together with coordinating silk ribbon, and silver foiled leaves tucked in underneath.

I silver-leafed a heart cutout which I hand-cut a decorative edge to, and attached under the box base. Vintage style tinsel garland is layered over the edging for added dimension. 

As is the nature with paper mache objects, there are production imperfections in surface and shape, which I have creatively worked around by lightly distressing by sanding, to give it a vintage vibe. I've sealed paint inside with varnish, and outside with wax.

After creating so many Putz houses from scratch, surely constructing a heart box would be no big deal now, but......I really needed a building break. Not to mention, if you're trying to sell these, you can only charge so much for a little paper mache box versus a Putz masterpiece......

Okay. NOW I'm going to get going on my chalk-painting!.....
I think.....

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Monday, February 2, 2015

Pretty in Pink Champagne Glitter Putz House

I've been so immersed in creating Putz glitter houses, 
that I haven't had any free time to focus on my
chalk-painted treasures!

And I have a serious stack of jewelry chests waiting to be painted, that have accumulated over the last 6 months.
The sheets of Italian paper to line the drawers are anxiously waiting to be used.

This is my last Putz house creation for the
Valentine's Day season.
I have designed, hand-cut,
and assembled this entire piece from scratch.

A little pink house, dressed to the nines,
in pink & silver finery! 

Silver-leaf is applied to the roof, chimney, awning,
flower boxes, and base. 
I tinted all the silver leaf with Ginger alcohol ink
to warm up the silver.

Silver Dresden trim edges the roof line and the chimney top.

Pink Champagne German glass glitter coats the walls. The color is a lovely soft, warm silvery pink. The walls have been sealed with varnish for enhanced adhesion,
which will also minimize tarnishing. 

To continue that warmth onto the roof,
I sprinkled mica flakes tinted
in the same pink tone of the glitter.
The silver leaf base and black “windows” are enhanced with fine crystally clear glitter for magical sparkle. Their panes are painted in metallic Champagne.

Hand-tinted millinery Forget-me-nots are edged
with ultrafine silver German glass glitter.

So now I need to get going on some chalk-painting,
since I've cleaned up all the glitter....;)

Now that I'm on Instagram,
I post pictures of my vintage finds and creations there,
before they make it to Etsy & Ebay,
so if any treasure interests you,
join me on Instagram and leave a comment!
Instagram: MagiaMiaEtsy

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