Thursday, September 27, 2012

Vintage Globe Greatness

Just had to share my latest awesome find!

I was lucky to snag this Replogle Reference Globe just as it was being put on the shelf.

It has a full Meridian on a wood-grained base, but I was a bit perplexed about the other ring around it with beads that slide. I searched high and low, but couldn't find a single one on the web like it. I finally asked for assistance, via a fantastic site for all things maps and globes. Murray Hudson is a major collector and store, if you are ever looking for a vintage piece for your collection.They were kind enough to send me a link of my exact globe model, and they had one in stock for sale.

Imagine my surprise when I found out it is a scarce globe, because it is uncommon to find this model with the ring still attached. It is an Orbit Ring, and is attached with clips on the meridian. The ring pivots at the clips, and the clips are movable. The bead on each side is meant to be a satellite, and you can slide them along the ring to demonstrate the satellite's path.

Ah, the simpler times. When a kid had that innocent sense of wonder, and could have fun with a bead on a globe.......

This model was first published in 1958 or '59, after the Sputnik Satellite mission. Based on my geographical research, this globe is from 1961 or '62. I am happy to say this globe is still vibrant in color and condition..........for being my age. :)

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Just because It's Small doesn't mean It's easier to Paint: Episode III

No truer words have been spoken than with this project. Today is the great reveal of my latest jewelry box masterpiece. I find nothing more gratifying than an extraordinary Before and After.

I went way way way beyond my predictable painstaking self on this one. Multi-layered  paint colors, distressing, plus dark wax, once again made this a difficult piece for color-matching in the photo editor. Every change in the sunlight made this piece morph in all shades of Aqua, powder Blue, Spring green, Seafoam, Teal and dusky Blue. If I had a high-end camera and lens, it would certainly speed up the editing process......Someday.....



I was sort of bored with the idea of a plain top, so I painted a border with the Teal paint. Still not interesting enough, I went further and created a stylized version of a compass rose. I think I was in a bit of a pirate-y treasure chest kind of mood. Oh, who am I kidding, I'm ALWAYS in that mood........Anywho, I I used the 2 blues and added metallic bronze color to coordinate with the draw pulls.

The interiors of the drawers were red velveteen corduroy. One of the drawers had some black ink spots in the fabric, and after removing most of it, I still wasn't satisfied with the result. If I was going to so much trouble creating a masterpiece on the outside, I didn't want to resign myself to a less than stellar interior. So I bit the bullet, and ripped out all the fabric, choosing to re-line the drawers. After lots of scraping to remove cardboard and old glue, I came up with a promising plan of attack. So so many options, but the final result is nothing short of fabulous.........

Since the top design is a stylized compass rose, what could be more apropos than map-lined drawers? I chose to cut individual pieces for every side and bottom, so the sides wouldn't be random. Then after gluing and sealing the maps, I tinted them with alcohol ink to mesh with the antique look of the exterior.

My inspiration for the colors were from this frame I painted recently.

Since I loved the color combination so much, I wanted to use it again. Don't these look  lovely together?

So the next time you're out thrifting, and you see a darling jewelry chest with stained or ugly interior, consider it the perfect opportunity to re-line the drawers with something fabulous.

I am seriously digging this design, and I think it's my favorite chalk paint project so far. I can't believe after all the loving labor I put into this, that I intend to sell it in my Etsy shop.......I just keep reminding myself that if I did it once, I can always paint another one just for me. It's so nice to have my own personal vault of skills, that are ready to use any time I want to.......such a luxury.

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Monday, September 17, 2012

A Map, Mold, Melamine, Mesh and More.......

I do love me some M's........

This is my favorite time of year, but I just can’t believe it was 90 degrees today. It’s summers like these that I wish non-Oregonians could witness firsthand, as proof we aren’t drowning in rain all year. Can’t wait till a little crisp air joins this sun.

Fortunately, the weather doesn’t deprive me of any plummy treasures. Here’s a few I’ve found recently……..

Framed 1959 USA map that’s Pre-Hawaii. Beautiful litho details, and it’s 21 x 13.

Great old German, Anton Reiche chocolate cigar mold. Love the worn tin color and awesome details.

Yet another Texas Ware Confetti bowl, this time it’s an 8” one. It's a good thing these are put in the plastic section at GW, or they'd be spotted too soon for me to snag them!

Cool black mesh curvy Retro tray. Can’t imagine covering up this beauty with office papers, but it certainly would be a stylin’ end basket. I think I’d rather see a big ol’ pile of mini pumpkins on it, and maybe a few votives.

Stunning tole candle sconces with plaster/ceramic pears. What attributes should a piece have, to be considered Italian tole? Anyone care to enlighten me?

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Ghost of Halloween Past......

I can feel Autumn in the air, 
and the hot, bright sunlight is now mellowing 
to the sublime, cozy glow I love so much. 
Naturally, that coaxes my mind to thoughts of Halloween. 
Since I'm busy with other projects, I probably won't get around 
to painting a Halloween bowl like I usually do, 
so I thought I'd re-visit my post from last year.

This may sound blasphemous to all the Christmas lovers out there, but Autumn and Halloween are my favorite season and holiday. Perhaps part of the reason is that I live in Oregon, where our Fall scenery is so conducive to the blustery day, mystical mood of the season. I'm not saying I don't enjoy the Christmas season, but October holds a special magic for me. Time for scary movies, changing leaves, foggy mornings, Halloween candy, and costume parties. What's not to love? 

Every year, in honor of my love for Halloween, I hand-paint a bowl for display or to hold Trick-or-Treat candy. This year I decided to go with an understated look for 
my favorite day of the year.

This was one of those vintage salad bowls made in Japan. 
Blonde wood, with an uniremarkable grain.
It had some stains inside, and no amount of sanding
would remove it. So I had no choice but to paint the inside,
then glaze in several layers to color-match
the outside, and to add faux wood grain throughout, 
for more visual interest.
I painted a large 31 inside, with smaller numerals around the outside rim. I alternated 3's and 1's, so that you can read them as 31's or 13's, just to play with superstition.
 Definitely a sophisticated bit of whimsy for 
my Halloween fix.

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