Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Oh, the Things you Can Find at Goodwill......

As an unapologetic junker, antiquer, collector, and pirate, I am always amazed at what gets dropped off at the Goodwill door. But I suppose not everyone's interested in wearing a seller's hat, so donating is their only option. That's okay by me.........

Check this out.....

Is this gorgeous or what? 
Cupids on top and sides of this swing pedestal mirror,
with another Cupid over 2 lovers at the base.
Solid brass, with a marble base, stands 16" tall,
and the mirror has lots of beautiful silvering flaws.
Oh so Miss Havisham.....

And now for a completely different era....

You had me at Art Deco and Bakelite......
Then you went and added a barometer face.
Who could just give this beauty away?

And I can never seem to resist old, hand-crafted copper....
Do we call this Arts and Crafts or Mission?
Still learning about that era.
I don't know whether it's an ice bucket or 
some kind of crock pot, because it has a ceramic liner.
Whatever it is, isn't it gorgeous?

And finally, just a little sentimental find....

You had me at Clock and Windmill....
Sweet little ceramic vase, with holes on each topside
for flowers, and a hole in back for hanging as a wall pocket.
I have a Very Dear friend in the Netherlands, 
so I'm drawn to unique Dutch treasures on
a regular basis now. I think I'll probably have to keep this one.
She'll look fabulous in Spring with Grape Hyacinths....

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Framed Art Facelift

I found this charming little framed litho at GW the other day. 
The print was the first thing that caught my eye, 
but then I also liked the high profile of the frame,
as well as the gold leaf.
The frame color was a dingy olive,
and the canvas fillet was stained,
but that's what chalk paint's for...

Ah yes, that's better.....
The happy accident with this painting project
was that I couldn't make up my mind on the colors.
Every time I thought I had the right combo,
I'd shake my head and paint another color over them.
I actually never intended to distress this piece,
but as is always the case with the Muse,
she tells you what she wants.
So I ended up with multi-layers of beautiful color,
which I think enhances this print even more.
The gold leaf was really dulled with way too much stain,
which was typical for the era.
I used very fine sand paper to get most of it off,
then finished the whole frame in clear and dark wax.

It wasn't until after the fact that I realized why the litho caught my eye.
I spent my typical hour (or so) searching the webs, trying to find this print.
 Came up empty. Then, in typical form, when you stop thinking too hard, 
it comes to you. I looked at it again a couple days later, 
and the first thing that popped into my head, 
was that it sure looks like the colors and style of Raoul Dufy. 
If I didn't love his work so much, that thought would've never
entered my mind. Lo and behold, it's called "The Paddock at Longchamp".
My muse was whispering hard that day.....:) 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Aesthetics for the Snake Oil.....Vitamin Bottles

I entered the 50's club earlier this year, and one of the things that changed was the addition of supplements to my daily regimen. There are worse things........

I've never been a big fan of pill-popping, so I thought I'd turn it into an elegant ritual, rather than just an ugly necessity. I like to keep them in my bedroom, since I take them morning and bedtime. And since it is my policy to beautify anything in my view, the manufacturer's packaging had to go.

So I set out to change that. Here's what items I used for the project.........

Really old and yellowed dictionary pages, spice jars, waxed cording, rub-on letters, and Diamond Glaze.

I've had these interesting spice jars for quite a while. I sold most of them, but still had a few imperfect ones left, and have been wanting to play with them for a long time. Finally figured out what to use them for........

If memory serves, I was under the weather the day I made these,
so I believe I had a lot of time on my hands,
since I didn't feel like moving from the couch. Not only did I create a jar for my 
Vitamin B Complex, complete with a rub-on B, 
but I also only used "B" words from the dictionary, 
and "D" words fro the Vitamin D jar.
I just figured as long as I was going to the trouble of ripping pages, 
I might as well be picky about the words...:)

I wanted the paper strips to look worn, so I chose to tear them, rather than cut them with scissors. The pages were old enough that, with a metal ruler, they tore perfectly, leaving a subtle, soft edge. I then clipped some small vintage catalog pictures of clock faces, numbers, birdcage, and dial. I used the Diamond Glaze under everything as an adhesive and over as a sealant. It works just beautifully on glass.

I even added clock faces to the stopper tops.
Can you tell I like clocks?

I preferred to not look at the plastic stoppers lining the lids, so I tightly wrapped the waxed cording around the neck of the jar, which accentuated the vintage feel, and gave it a nice finished look.

The great thing is that I was rewarded, not just with a finished product, but also with a fun project. I love it when that happens.

P.S. I use the adorable antique rosary box to put my daily RX dosages in.

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Jack Sparrow Spoils.......

It's kinda funny when you come back from thrifting,
 and see a theme has emerged from your spoils.

This week, my imagination found a loose connection 
between the 3 treasures I brought home.
Sailing ship bookends.

 A miniature Jack Sparrow is all that's missing.....

A fabulous old Ball Mason jar......

Large enough to hold Jack's magic dirt.

And the pièce de résistance.......

An ormolu style heart-shaped box......

As an homage to the hearts of Davy Jones and Will Turner.

I really am a pirate at heart.......
not that I needed any more convincing.

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