Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Just because it's Small doesn't mean it's easier to Paint: The Sequel

Remember this project
Well, I just finished another jewelry chest, with the same sentiment.
Painting, waxing, and distressing every nook and cranny, 
when every nook and cranny is tiny,
 is very labor-intensive. 
Especially when you're a stickler for details like me.........


Drumroll Please........

Took this pic with a Tiffany box, 
just to show how close the colors are.
This was another custom color I mixed with homemade 
"make-do" chalkpaint. Isn't this color a little piece o' Heaven?

So much detail work. I chose not to paint 
the woven cane and the drawers,
because they both just looked too good in their natural state. 
Some things are just better left without paint.
(Gasp! Did I, the painter, just say that???)

I would have done it anyway, but the distressing
really makes the rest of the piece cohesive 
with the drawers and cane.

The only pain with this little lovely was the photo-editing.
Now that Oregon has a little something called Sunshine,
every time I blinked the color changed. It's amazing how much 
a tiny hint of sunshine yellow can morph your colors, 
as you can see by these photos.
Many members of the aqua family are present
in this one object, depending on where 
and when you look at her.

I started her with a French theme in mind, 
and now she feels a bit tropical islandy too!
Either locale suits me just fine right now.....:)

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Aqua makes Everything Better......

Remember this?

Well look at 'er now.....

Isn't it remarkable what a little paint can do?

This is some homemade chalk paint I whipped up
with a bottle of acrylic craft paint and plaster of Paris.
I tinted it to look a hint more greenish aqua, like verdigris.

After painting the entire surface, 
I let it dry for about an hour.
Then, I very carefully wiped the dried paint off 
the raised areas with a moistened rag,
leaving the paint in the deeper areas.

Once that was done, I let the paint bond
for a few hours, then brushed on clear and dark wax.
I even dark-waxed the brass legs.
After buffing, she was ready to show off!
I left the inside bare, so it could be used as a planter.

I always hate to see perfectly good containers littering
the thrift store shelves, just because they're brass.
So if a big ol' brass piece isn't your thing, 
just tone it down with a little paint.

These mirror trays are dime a dozen.


Now look what just a little color accent can do.....

I painted the outer band and inner band next to the mirror.

Same dark wax and buffing. Voila!

The bottom was covered in worn out purple corduroy,
and if I wasn't prepping it to sell, would've left it alone.
But since I was sprucing her up, 
I figured, why stop at the paint?
So I removed the backing, ripped off the fabric,
applied some vintage wallpaper,
varnished and dark-waxed to go with the paint.
All done!
Easy Peasy....

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Will Goodwill be Good Today?

That is always my question on the way there.

I was running errands, and wasn't even planning on going today, but I'm glad I talked myself into popping in.

Today ended up being quality over quantity. 
Look what I found.......

This is just all kinds of awesome, 
and coming to my Etsy shop soon.
This baby's dated 1973, and the ring is nostalgically divine. 

Nifty Texas Ware Confetti bowl. 
This one's kind of a putty gray, and loaded with spots of color.
You really have to be an eagle eye when you 
peruse the plastics aisle. To the unobservant,
this looks very nondescript, especially when 
there's a bunch of Tupperware in and under it.

This Thompson litho is so much richer in person.
I adore the artist's use of color,
and this print is a perfect example. 
I am especially thrilled with its size (13x17)
and the gorgeous original silver wooden frame.

I've still got to finish my painting projects,
so I resisted buying any more paintables.
Off I go......the paint awaits!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mystery Provenance

One of my favorite elements of treasure-hunting is researching each piece. As in what's it worth, where'd it come from, and what's its purpose. So it's a happy bonus when I learn something new. I have learned nothing, so far, of the treasures 
I found this weekend. Perhaps someone will shed some light.

First up, this stunning rustic piece of copper. Isn't it gorgeous?
I'm assuming this is a pie server.
Can't find a maker's mark. Is this Stickley-ish?

I actually found two of these, both G's. Mounted on thick wood.
Who would have two monogrammed mirrors in their home?
Could these have come from a place of business,
like a hotel perhaps?

Isn't this adorable?
I'm guessing it isn't old, but I have
never seen a satchel woven from
natural materials, other than leather.
Did this originally come from a Cost Plus
or Pier 1 type store?

And how cute is this? 
Although I think it's made to be a toast stamp,
it could just as easily be a barbecue branding iron
for a breakfast steak.

This last piece is not a mystery.
I normally buy jewelry boxes with great bones
so I can chalk paint them, but that just can't 
happen this time. Ain't she sweet?
And if the exterior wasn't enough,
check out the vivid Turquoise interior.
And if that wasn't enough, 
she's also musical, and plays 
"A Time for Us".

Treasure-hunting does indeed soothe the soul......:)

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Face only a Junker could Love

Who else but a junker could find beauty in a vintage metal dustpan with dents and rusty paint?
But in its defense, it is a fab retro green.

A few other treasures I rescued this weekend......
Really great bones. Just waiting for chalk paint now......

Gorgeous patina on these pulls. Part copper and part brass.

And I need another one of these mirror trays 
like a hole in the head. 
I have 4 already, but you can never have too many,
especially the really intricate, aged ones.

I've amassed a few things to paint now, 
so I'd better get to work!

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