Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 Best Nine....Vintage Christmas for the Win!

Long time no chat!
My blog posts have become infrequent
since joining Instagram 2 years ago.

It's easy to see why, when many creations
and happenings may not seem "blog-worthy"
but perfect for Instagram.

So rather than show you a long
stream of photos,
Here is a 2016 Best Nine collage
of my most popular posts on Instagram
last year.

Clearly, people LOVE vintage Christmas.
I think it has everything to do with nostalgia.
We are clamoring for things that remind us
of childhood Christmases.
And no arm-twisting is required to
encourage me to create with vintage elements,
so expect to see a lot more of that this year.

Although there is a vast array of social media options out there,
I immediately appreciated the beauty and simplicity
of Instagram. I would love it if you joined me there,
where I post regularly with my original Creations,
Junking Treasures,
adorable Animals from my Pet-Sitting assignments,
and some Nature thrown in.

Visit me on Instagram Here:

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