Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Chalk Paint & Brass ..... A Love Story

It feels very gratifying to finally address the pile in the corner, of items I 
purchased last year that were earmarked for chalk paint.

I've started with the easiest designs, first the framed prints,
and now the brass repousse planter.

The raised relief of oak leaves, acorns, and claw feet
was screaming to be accentuated. 

Great detail, dontcha think?

It seems I always gravitate to Aqua,
but with brass, it does seem appropriate
since verdigris is aqua. And how convenient
that chalk paint and verdigris both 
have a matte appearance, creating a
beautiful contrast with the shiny brass.

Aqua, Oh Aqua, How I love Thee......

The solder on the base gave it a water-tight seal,
so I could feel confident about painting underneath.

I used my go-to Teal as my base coat,
then topped it with a light Aqua.
Of course the magic wouldn't be complete
without the customary clear and dark wax.

I don't know if I've mentioned it before,
but while the chalk paint does bond pretty well to metal, 
it's important to note that care is required when waxing it.
Since I'm not willing to wait weeks for the paint to cure,
 adding and polishing the wax can easily remove the paint
where you most want it to stay. So in this case,
distressing is a more delicate process.

Well, I better go. My next morph is a hanging wall cabinet and will require 
a lot of my design time. Many many color possibilities for this one.
Details soon........


What say you?

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