Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring has Sprung & Painting has Begun!

It's beginning to look a lot like.......Springtime, 
cuz I'm gettin' that old feeling again. 
That feeling involving chalk paint makeovers. 

I've got a few items waiting in the queue, 
but I thought I'd start with some frames.
When I found this picture pair, 
I thought they'd be great candidates for paint, 
because I like the Old World images, and the frames had good bones.

But look at them now, Baby......





I fell in love with this color combination 
when I painted the frame for this Raoul Dufy print.

Depending on your monitor,
from a distance it's easy to think
the frames look sort of like emerald green,
buts that's because of the beautiful magic of layered colors.
Base coat is a Spring green,
then dark Moss green,
and finally that awesome dark Turquoise.
I also warmed up the gold with a new layer 
The other magical step is of course
the clear and dark wax, but mostly the dark wax.
After all the distressing, it just doesn't have an
authentically-aged look until you add that beautiful dark wax.

All I have left to do is paper the back, and they'll be ready for Etsy.

Next up:
 I'll be painting another brass repousse planter,
again with the chalk paint treatment. 
Ciao for now!


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