Monday, March 4, 2013

More Mid Century plus Asian Treasures

I pirated quite a few treasures this weekend, but only 2 were ready for selling.
The rest will be getting the makeover treatment, most likely with chalk paint.

First up is another Mid Century find.......
Are these striking, or what? 
They have sort of a 30's/40's feel to them
(at least I think so),
but I'm calling them Mid Century.
They appear to be watercolors on dark paper. 
I found another set online that were labeled as watercolors
by the original picture company, which is Franklin.

When I first picked these up, I considered painting the frames, 
since I was seriously digging the stepped grooves. 
But in the end, I felt the frames were a wonderful contrast 
to the pictures, and any altering would only be gilding the lily.
I can totally picture these in a cozy
dark powder room wall, especially red.

The second treasure is something I'm not normally drawn to,
but they had such great details, that I couldn't resist them.

Since I hear that brass is back in fashion, as long as it's got patina
and not a shiny 80's flashback, I figured these would be more
than welcome in someone's library. 
I also thought they'd be great if they were back-lit, 
since the pierced design would make a dramatic silhouette.

I also found a fabulous footed brass planter, which will definitely
be chalk-painted. I'll make sure to take the requisite Before picture,
but it will be getting in line with several other
items waiting for my paint magic. 

I'm not usually inspired to paint, distress, and wax till Spring,
so I guess I'll be surrounded with items staring at me for awhile......

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  1. All right! Validation -- I too heard brass is back. :-) PS Love that black wall (as well s what's hanging on it).


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