Saturday, April 30, 2016

Kitty-Sitting, and....Wait for it.....More Dairy Milk Cap Spools!

It's getting into the busy vacation season,
which means I'm getting into the thick
of critter-sitting!

This week I'm petting my little buddy Charlie.....

She's such a love and a great personality.
I'm always delighted to spend time with her.

Last week, I shared my spools I created 
using vintage milk bottle caps and Bingo cards.
Everyone seems to love them as much as I do.

After a very lengthy search for just the right red Bingo cards,
I've come to the conclusion they don't exist.
So I dug through my cache of ephemera,
and low and behold, I found a delightful alternative!

Check these out!

Don't they have a cool Toile quality about them?

Thanks to vintage play money!

And I'll say it again.....
Upcycling is so rewarding!
For these spools, I used 2 vintage milk bottle caps,
a strip of unattractive Bingo card for the tube,
and vintage play money!
The only thing new was the glue....;)

So give that old ephemera the new life it's waiting for!

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

When Doves Cry......

Prince was on my bucket list to see in concert, 
as he fit prominently in my 20's & 30's,
beginning with Purple Rain.

The term "musical genius" gets thrown around way too easily 
in our current society, but you truly were. 
You will surely be missed. 

R.I.P. Prince.....One-of-a-Kind

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Dog-Sitting, Dairy Milk Bottle Caps, and Bingo Card Spools

Yep, I've been dog-sitting again......

Cutie Pie #1

Cutie Pie #2

And just when you thought I was done creating
decorative spools using Bingo Cards........

When you love old graphics as much as I do,
you find a way to create with them as much as possible.

Dairy Milk Bottle Caps are graphics perfection
because so much art is printed on a tiny space.
The added virtue of this craft is using vintage materials.
With so much old ephemera out there,
it's a way to Upcycle them, giving new life to a nostalgic item
and rescuing it from the landfill!

But really. Why stop at spools?

It's Spring, so that means peat pot crafting!

Since I sealed the whole pot, I thought they'd be cute lined with 
parchment for mini cookies or candy. 
Of course the obvious would be a starter plant for transplanting, 
or a mini flower arrangement 
if you added a water-tight container. 

I reinforced the holes for the wire handle.
To cover the drainage hole, I cut a thin square 
of chipboard for the inside, 
and a thick one for the base to also help it stand steady.

Well, that's about all for now.
More ideas up my sleeve though.......

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Monday, April 4, 2016

Dog-Sitting, Peat Pots, and Berry Baskets

Yes, it's been awhile since I last posted. 
Here's what I've been up to this time. 

Dog-sitting this little imp.


Creating Spring/Easter treasures for my Etsy shop.

Last Spring I produced a few of these chicken wire nest baskets.
I love the design, but I thought it would be fun to create them in a different color. 

Moss green makes me happy. 

And rather than stay with German glass glitter for the eggs, 
I opted for Bronze mica flakes from Meyer Imports.
A great bold, yet sophisticated effect.

And more feathers is always a good idea.

I also decided to make twigs by wrapping thin wire, 
bending it into shape, then painting it. 
Real twigs are so fragile and I didn't want
to worry about them breaking.

The final touch was creating a bow using this luscious wired 
French Ribbon in an antique Moss green.

My other creations involved playing with vintage
wooden berry hallocks.
I bought them a while back, but hadn't come up
with a good design yet.
Finally figured it out. All I needed to do was
craft handles by twisting rustic wire.

Just for fun, I thought I'd give them some age,
using the rusty vinegar method.
Some of them turned out darker than I wanted,
so I decided to paint them 
with sheer coats of mossy green. 

Finally, I accented them with thick crepe paper bows and 
Spanish moss, which I hand-dyed for just the right tints.

Up next?
My rustic creations using old-fashioned milk bottle caps!

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Dog-Sitting & Creative Craft Display with Bingo Cards

What I've been up to lately......





Organizing Craft Supplies
including drawing my own labels.

Creating spools for Dresden
and trays for tiny supplies
using vintage Bingo cards

Crafting more for my Etsy shop

and Crafting of larger spools,
this time making them to double as boxes!
Will I tire of crafting with Bingo cards?
Hard to say, but I'm having fun right now!

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Monday, January 25, 2016

Crafting My Way Out of Christmas and Into Valentine's Day

After crafting through the Christmas season, it's very difficult to just stop the creative process, as soon as Christmas is over. The only way to placate the Muse, then, is to continue creating, till I'm no longer inspired. The next natural source of inspiration comes from Valentine's Day, and how convenient that I can still use all of my crafting supplies that involve red, white, silver, and gold.

After creating this little bit of whimsy at Christmastime, I wanted to use the same concept for a Valentine project.

So here's one.....

and here's the other.....
Using 3 elements I have copious amounts of.....
Bottle brush trees, Bingo Cards, and German glass glitter!
A new craft I've recently started is creating tiny faux candles
like those found in kitschy arrangements.

Another concept I thought I'd re-visit was making
gift tag ornaments
with vintage button cards.

These are always a pleasure to play with, because the possibilities are endless!

At Christmastime, I played with a very old Tetley Tea tin, and I loved how it turned out. A fun mix of whimsy, using many vintage elements. I've been drawn to old tins forever, so I'm thrilled that I've discovered a creative way to display them as a centerpiece. Naturally this has started a new obsession with me, as I've begun the inevitable hunting and gathering of more vintage tins, especially smaller ones. 

My first non-Christmas tin design I've played with is this Eight O'Clock Coffee tin.
So many directions I could have gone in,
but in the end I chose an old mercantile theme. So much fun!

I guess we'll just have to wait and see what inspiration
the next tin acquisitions will bring...;)

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