Friday, August 17, 2012

Framed Art Facelift

I found this charming little framed litho at GW the other day. 
The print was the first thing that caught my eye, 
but then I also liked the high profile of the frame,
as well as the gold leaf.
The frame color was a dingy olive,
and the canvas fillet was stained,
but that's what chalk paint's for...

Ah yes, that's better.....
The happy accident with this painting project
was that I couldn't make up my mind on the colors.
Every time I thought I had the right combo,
I'd shake my head and paint another color over them.
I actually never intended to distress this piece,
but as is always the case with the Muse,
she tells you what she wants.
So I ended up with multi-layers of beautiful color,
which I think enhances this print even more.
The gold leaf was really dulled with way too much stain,
which was typical for the era.
I used very fine sand paper to get most of it off,
then finished the whole frame in clear and dark wax.

It wasn't until after the fact that I realized why the litho caught my eye.
I spent my typical hour (or so) searching the webs, trying to find this print.
 Came up empty. Then, in typical form, when you stop thinking too hard, 
it comes to you. I looked at it again a couple days later, 
and the first thing that popped into my head, 
was that it sure looks like the colors and style of Raoul Dufy. 
If I didn't love his work so much, that thought would've never
entered my mind. Lo and behold, it's called "The Paddock at Longchamp".
My muse was whispering hard that day.....:) 


What say you?

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