Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Oh, the Things you Can Find at Goodwill......

As an unapologetic junker, antiquer, collector, and pirate, I am always amazed at what gets dropped off at the Goodwill door. But I suppose not everyone's interested in wearing a seller's hat, so donating is their only option. That's okay by me.........

Check this out.....

Is this gorgeous or what? 
Cupids on top and sides of this swing pedestal mirror,
with another Cupid over 2 lovers at the base.
Solid brass, with a marble base, stands 16" tall,
and the mirror has lots of beautiful silvering flaws.
Oh so Miss Havisham.....

And now for a completely different era....

You had me at Art Deco and Bakelite......
Then you went and added a barometer face.
Who could just give this beauty away?

And I can never seem to resist old, hand-crafted copper....
Do we call this Arts and Crafts or Mission?
Still learning about that era.
I don't know whether it's an ice bucket or 
some kind of crock pot, because it has a ceramic liner.
Whatever it is, isn't it gorgeous?

And finally, just a little sentimental find....

You had me at Clock and Windmill....
Sweet little ceramic vase, with holes on each topside
for flowers, and a hole in back for hanging as a wall pocket.
I have a Very Dear friend in the Netherlands, 
so I'm drawn to unique Dutch treasures on
a regular basis now. I think I'll probably have to keep this one.
She'll look fabulous in Spring with Grape Hyacinths....

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  1. I just score at my GW and I know what you mean about stuff that people donate...I guess they would rather pass on the stuff they don't want. All of your finds would have been scooped up by me if I had seen them, also. The mirror has a bevel, so very nice. The barometer is fantastic. Think the copper must be an ice bucket with a ceramic liner and yes, it is gorgeous. I have a collection of mostly bird pockets, some others and the Holland one would have found a place on my wall. I love Dutch things too. My dad used to get remembrance XMas cards from two Dutch families who appreciated the food drops the 8th Air Force made near the end of WWII.
    You done good!

    1. What a beautiful story about your Dad.....gives me a warm fuzzy....

  2. The GW's I go to are just getting too high in their prices. I find things that are priced at or near what I would price them to resell. You found some great things!!! I hope you got a bargain!!!

  3. That barometer is just fantastic! What a great find!

    1. I know, isn't it? When I first picked it up, I thought the brown body was just dirty wood, since most quality barometers I've seen are some kind of wood. Imagine my glee when I realized that the whole thing is Bakelite, body and base! Actually, I think if we're going to get technical, the base is Bakelite, and the body is Catalin. Awesome!

  4. I think that little wall pocket is my favorit even though I can't say exactly why. Whimsy?

  5. Oh that copper and the mirror! Love it~! Great finds.


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