Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Cats and Dogs and Flea Markets

Since this year I've been steadily Pet-sitting,
I have had a limitless supply
of fur-baby photos.

In the midst of all of this
I was a vendor twice at the Beaverton Flea Market.
I haven't participated in a Flea since a few years ago
at Plucky Maidens.
The Beaverton Flea has a different clientele,
since it's outside with no admission,
meaning more casual passers-by than 
vintage shoppers on a mission.

Another difference though was the fact that
I shared a double space with my junking friend Joyce,
who's participated in this flea several times
throughout the year. She asked if I'd like to
share a space, and I jumped at the chance.

We each had a similar old ladder, so we decided
to use them as display shelving units.
I loved how they turned out!
We got lots of compliments and many pictures
were taken from visitors.

A fun accent we came up with was inspired by
the 4th of July, since our first shared booth
was on the 3rd. We wanted a vintage-looking banner
but wanted something easy and quick.
Enter my old stack of red, white & blue Bingo cards,
plus new clothespins that I ebonized to look old!

It tied the 2 spaces together, was whimsical, and
a conversation piece!

The joy of sharing a space is you can entertain each other
during the down times, and you have help with set-up.
I'm hoping this flea finds an indoor venue for the holiday season,
because I always have a million creation ideas
for Christmas, and some might work better 
in person than online.

Well, that's it for now.
I do plan to have more time again
for blog posts!
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where I post regularly!



What say you?

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