Sunday, December 9, 2012

Atlas Christmas Tree

It just wouldn't be Christmas 
if I didn't create at least one new tabletop tree design.

As a follow-up to my Steampunk tree from last year, 

and inspired by the jewelry chest from this year.......

My new quirky tree......

After creating the jewelry chest with map-lined drawers, 
and painting a compass rose-inspired star on top,
followed by decoupaged map tree ornaments,
you didn't really think I'd stop there, did you?

The only thing left to do was a tree.
I used a paper-mache cone form,
then cut out foam core in a star shape,
and connected the two with a small wooden spindle.

The base star and the top star are both encrusted with
a mix of gold and dark orange German glass glitter.
The base star acts as a tree skirt,
with a compass rose theme.

I added vintage amber rhinestones an an homage to map pins, 
and a sparkly accent to the aqua ocean, 
as well as the top star's center.

The aqua and bronze is enough to keep me happy, 
but combining it with Christmas decor
makes me all warm and fuzzy........

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