Thursday, March 19, 2015

Colorful Spring Baskets from Peat Pots with Crepe Paper, Glitter, & Dresden

Seems that right now my brain is stuck in
seed starter pot mode,
obviously due to the unusually Spring-like weather
here in the PNW. 
Not to mention that Easter is just around the corner!

You've already seen the fun I've had with the little pulp pots from the Dollar store, HereHere. Now, finally, I've finished my original creations using peat pots.

A very great departure from my woodsy,
rustic basket creations, 
here are 3 very glammed up peat pot baskets.......



Oh, the things you can do with crepe paper, Dresden trim, and German glass glitter.

I did so many things to these peat pots, and if it wasn't for the texture of them, you'd never know what they started as.
Before doing anything, I cut the rims off the tops.

Crepe paper double ruffles.
I brushed alcohol ink on the edges of the ruffles
to give them more flowery charm.
One detail not shown: I've since finished the inside
bottom edge of the crepe ruffle with
coordinating seam binding.

Wire handles wrapped in crepe paper, then 3mm tinsel stems wound around them.
I tinted the tinsel stems with alcohol ink
to coordinate with the basket colors.

I painted each peat pot with chalk paint, then added wide stripes of German glass glitter.

The final touch, that really makes a statement, is metallic Dresden trim applied around the top edge
and base of each pot.

Since I haven't found the exact colors I want for Dresden, I hand-tint it with alcohol inks. For the Aqua and Green baskets, I used Seafoam green trim for both, making one more greenish blue and the other more Chartreuse.

This size has room for a 5 oz plastic cup,
so would be darling to display flowers;
a great use after the Easter candy in grass are gone.

I will be listing these in my Etsy shop later today.

Up next.....very rustic peat pot baskets with elegant eggs!

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  1. So pretty and colorful. The metallic trim really adds the perfect finishing touch. Thanks for sharing.


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