Friday, April 3, 2015

Treasure-Hunting & Kitty-Sitting = Purrrfect

It seems like it's been forever since my last post! I've had a good excuse though.....

Other than blaming it on Instagram, where I spend way more time these days, I spent a week at a client/friend's house, painting and kitty-sitting for them during their Spring break.

Their new fur baby's name is Oliver, and he is just a darling!
He is a VERY rescued kitty and now has the purrrfect forever home!

I had way too much fun taking pics of him, in between painting breaks.
He had a blast playing in my dropcloths! 

This flower one is definitely my favorite. This shot was just waiting for me....:)

I painted a very high-walled stairwell,

and this multi ladder was indispensable.

Especially to little 5'2” me. That, and a very good extension painting pole.
 I have one very artistic thing left to paint on their wall. Details coming later.

I also painted their upstairs hallway, in a tint 50% of Tiffany blue. Now all the white molding really stands out, and the calm blue with white feels like you're walking into a spa.

After returning from that week of fun, I've been catching up
on treasure-hunting and Etsy listing.

Hear are some of my recent finds......

Fabulous old green Universal scale by Landers, Frary & Clark.

A fantastic cigar chest with 4 little drawers.

A set of 4 – 10oz Pyrex individual clear casseroles with lids!

And perhaps the most notable find, is this Ormolu brass Crucifix.

The gothic details are gorgeous. This will be listed on Ebay this weekend.

Today I made an impromtu stop at GW, and look what I found!

A beautiful white Onyx Sheaffer pen holder base with perpetual calendar, and Sheaffer 14kt gold tip White Dot Snorkel fountain pen. Very cool!

Hopefully my next post will be the long overdue peat pot design
loaded with rustic charm.....

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TTFN, Maria

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  1. The Tiffany blue paint is such a yummy color, and it looks like it matches your scale. Fun finds!!! What a sweet and beautiful kitty.


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