Monday, April 13, 2015

Rustic Elegant Nest Baskets with Peat Pots & Chicken Wire

As promised, I finally finished my rustic peat pot creation. 

I kept vacillating about the final touches, but I think I'm satisfied now...:) 

I really do enjoy working with these peat pots, and appreciate the fact that these are sooo much cheaper than paper mache. I do believe I need to stock up on these, to have them at my disposal for Halloween treat baskets and Christmas décor/ornaments!

I think I'll take a break from creating with these, since I've got so many painting projects waiting to be completed, but I can't promised I won't have another design epiphany......

Soooo, Before:


You didn't think I'd get through Spring without incorporating my little chicken wire, did you?

I reinforced the bottom with a chipboard disc, then dry-brushed these in a muted ivory tone & light crème.

I wrapped each one in aged chicken wire, crimping the edges over the top and bottom, so there'd be no sharp points sticking out.

I took some nice malleable 20ga annealed wire, twisted 2 layers together for the handle, then attached the handle through side holes in the pot.

I tied a little frayed piece of linen to the handle side, to give it a soft feathery touch. (I didn't have any feathers handy, so made do with the linen.)

To anchor all the inside elements, I inserted a half sphere of styrofoam till it was snug.

The first thing I inserted were the silver German glass glitter eggs. Aren't they gorgeous? This took a little more effort than just glue and glitter I'm afraid. I found some wonderfully small foam eggs at the Dollar store, but they had bright pastel glitter on them already. Since I'm not satisfied with glitter if it's not glass glitter, I soaked these in soapy water, then rubbed off their glitter. I wrapped a piece of stiff wire with floral wrap, then hot-glued it into the egg. I painted the eggs with metallic silver/champagne craft paint, and once dry, I glued on the German glass glitter. I sealed them with clear varnish to prevent further tarnish. 

Once the eggs were dry, I hot-glued their wire into the styrofoam base, then the twigs, and finally, tucked in the Spanish moss to the desired fullness. 

Although I could've stopped there, I felt the peat pot side looked a little empty. After finally deciding on the obvious word, I wanted to do something unique with it. I cut tiny pieces of aged wood, cutting the ends to mimic old rustic signs, then sanded all the tiny crevices to prevent slivers. I then used my wood-burning tool to write the letters. 

Finally, I attached jewelry wire and chain to each nest sign, and secured the chain into the peat pot styrofoam with a piece of wire. All done! 

I've had the wood-burning tool for years, and just now finally used it. I love how the signs turned out. I may have to incorporate this idea with my Putz house designs....:)

These chicken wire peat pots make great little rustic gifts.....What to do next? Decisions, decisions.......

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TTFN, Maria

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  1. Those are just adorable! So elegant and rustic at the same time. The cute little sign was the perfect accent. Pinning this for future pinspiration!

  2. Those are just adorable! So elegant and rustic at the same time. The cute little sign was the perfect accent. Pinning this for future pinspiration!

  3. These are so so cute!! Love this idea!! Thanks for the steps of how you made them! :) Wishing you a lovely week! xo Holly

  4. adorably cute. they look professional and I'm so impressed with the product you produced.

  5. Thank you for the praise, ladies! They were a joy to create!

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  7. These are adorable! I love the chicken wire and the sweet little NEST sign you added. Thank you for sharing them at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  8. These are so cute!!! The chicken wire really makes it!!! Perfect touch!


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