Sunday, March 1, 2015

Revisiting the Coffee-Loving Literary Bird

Since one of my egg pictures seems to be getting 
pinned a lot lately, 
I thought it was due for a re-post of my craft project, 
for those with Spring on the brain.....

With every thing I've crafted using vintage dictionary pages, from the Steampunk tree, to the Christmas stars, and the Candy Canes, I guess there's just no point in stopping there. Seems that any surface that's glue-able should have equal opportunity for the ephemera treatment.

I realize that book page eggs is very much a Been-There-Done-That concept, but that didn't stop me. It wouldn't be such a ubiquitous crafting project if it wasn't so easy, fun, and aesthetically-pleasing. About the only way to vary the design is the direction of the word strips, and how you display the eggs. 

So I chose to glue the sentences lengthwise, and I displayed the eggs in an old rusty coffee can with excelsior. Charming, right?

I made these using plastic eggs, and used wood glue because I like that it doesn't dry clear, giving the old paper more patina. I also prefer using these very old, browned pages because A) they are already a divine old color, and B) they tear into strips easily, making the edges soft & rustic, rather than cutting crisp edges with scissors. 

And what's more rustic than farm-fresh eggs?

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