Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Mercantile & Apothecary Shelf Treasures

Now that I'm on Instagram,
I'm using it primarily as Show & Tell
for my treasure-hunting finds,
but 2 of those items this week merit a blog post.

Be-Still-My-Vintage-Heart #1

Fabulous mercantile pricing rubber stamps. 
Each number is 1-1/4" high! 
There are also fractions, $, lb., "for", "each", !, comma & period. 
The only thing missing is a cent sign. 
With these are also letters in the same size,
w/ 7 letters missing. 

Check out these beautiful fonts!

These truly speak to the mercantile proprietress in me.
I'm not ready to let go of these beauties just yet.

Be-Still-My-Vintage-Heart #2

So much potential in this piece.
It stands 35" tall and 19" wide.
The front to back depth is 3".

The top shelf definitely had bottles or narrow jars, as you can see by the dirt. But what were they used for? The clearance between each ledge is much higher 
than your typical spice rack. 

Some 8 oz French Squares would look fabulous 
filled with herbs, as would apothecary bottles.

The cool thing is that the brass ball finials unscrew, so you could easily add ribbon/twine spools to it too! 
Designing & chalk-painting this will be very rewarding. 
 I'll have to wait till after I transform it 
to decide whether or not to sell it....;)

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  1. I know you'll transform that shelf into something fabulous. Love those old stamps, I'd have a hard time letting those go.


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