Monday, October 12, 2015

2015 Spooky Halloween Putz House

I finally finished my first Halloween Putz house! 
Nothing more spooky than an old abandoned house.

I designed, hand-cut, and assembled this creation completely from scratch, 
save for a little plastic cat & a tree armature.

So very many details to this creation, but here are some of the highlights:

Roof sprinkled with Meyer Imports black mica, and little bunches of natural beige reindeer moss. The same moss has also been thoughtfully placed as landscaping.

All boards, siding, and picket fences are hand cut chipboard, then textured and painted to look like weathered wood. 

Two doors are created with poly door screen and cut to look like old torn screen doors.

Paperclay chimney rocks and tombstones are hand-formed and painted.

Paperclay tree bark is hand-shaped, textured and painted. Branches have been accented with Meyer Imports antique bronze mica flakes to mimic Autumn leaves, and have also been applied to the ground and roof. I enhanced the tree with painted hot-glue roots, to maximize the old tree effect.

Interior is painted black to provide contrast to exterior.

I've created a sliding hatch in the back of the house for easy insertion of battery lights. The hatch inside-facing is painted black to match interior.

I've customized a battery-operated tealight in black paint and covered in the same natural beige reindeer moss as the landscape. When lit inside, the only thing visible is the “flame” and the moss.

Ground cover is Terra Textures (Meyer Imports), a grey flaked mix of natural and wood materials, applied to a painted Foamcore base.

And no spooky, abandoned house is complete without a black cat! I have painted this little creature black and sprinkled it with fine black German Glass glitter, to give it sparkly fur.

I had planned on creating more Putz houses for Halloween,
but I became so absorbed in the details of this one that time disappeared.
That's okay though, because I am pleased with how this turned out.
It's now listed in my Etsy Shop!

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  1. I'm not the least bit surprised that your fabulous creation has sold. Your attention to detail is amazing. This is a masterpiece! Thanks for sharing with us at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  2. Crazy cool and love the tree! You certainly go all out.

  3. I've been making Halloween putz houses for a few months now, but nothing compares to this one. It is seriously good. Every detail is great even down to disguising the tea light. Great idea.Thank you for sharing this house with us.

  4. Oh wow, incredible attention to detail. How long did it take you? I really need to up my game!

    1. Too long...;-) I worked on it on and off for a couple weeks. It was important for me to enjoy the process, so I'd only work on it if I was in the mood. I do think I'd like to create more Halloween houses this year, so I guess I'd better start in August! :-D Thank you for appreciating my work!


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