Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Halloween Skeleton Hands Charger Plate

What's a Halloween dinner without
Skeleton hands?

After seeing door wreaths made with
Skeleton hands, it seemed like a
no-brainer to lay them down
as a charger plate.
I found these great flat hands at Michael's.

I cut a circle of Foamcore,
and cut out little sections of the top paper layer 
and foam just large enough for the 
hand's end piece. I just used hot-glue
to secure them to the Foamcore,
but that is only good for temporary use.
You need a strong white glue or something 
like E-6000 to hold them more permanent.

Once dry, I flipped it over carefully 
and painted the circle with black
chalkboard paint. You see why I 
cut the top paper layer only?

I then hot-glued natural tinted reindeer moss
for 2 reasons: 1) To cover the circle edges, 
and B) To give the dinner plate something to
rest in. The reindeer moss has a unique feature
of being spongy and rubbery, creating a bit
of a non-slip surface for the dish.

A clear dish is ideal,
allowing a full view of the hands,
and also any chalk writing
you choose. I saw a chalkboard charger 
example on Pinterest that said
"You have just been poisoned"...

A perfect place setting with the
placecard holder I made last week.

This could also work great under an
appetizer dish!

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