Monday, October 19, 2015

Halloween Skull & Skeleton Hand Place Card Holders

I'm picturing Vincent
dining at twilight 
for an intimate gathering
with his closest friends.....

Oh the things you can do
with craft store props
and a glue gun.

A plastic skeleton hand, plastic skull, grey moss,
battery tealight, and styrofoam.

Small styrofoam disc painted black.
Hot-glue moss around disc,
and hand into top back of disc.

After hot-gluing moss around the battery tealight
last week for my Putz house,
I started thinking about other uses.
Again I painted the tealight black
before gluing the moss to it.

Cut a hole through the bottom of skull
large enough to fit over the plastic flame.
A little snug fit is better than loose and wobbly.

Using thin brown cardstock
for the place card,
I accented the name with red hot-glue
and used the same glue to attach
the card to the hand.
Just a touch of bloody macabre.

The moss ring around the styrofoam
gives you something to nestle your tealight into,
since you don't want to glue it down
or you couldn't switch it off.
(If you plan on running the tealight till it
goes out, then feel free to glue it to the base.)

A nice finishing touch to your All Hallows' Eve 
soiree at twilight.....

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  1. ghoulishly crafty and amazing. Great idea!

  2. How cute is this! What a clever idea to use they tealight, I love those things.

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