Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Plastic Pumpkin, Paper Mache Witch Hat, and German Glass Glitter

Just add a little glitter, she said.

It'll be quick, she said.....

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm never satisfied
with just whipping something up.

After glamming up the little black cauldron
I couldn't resist playing with a little pumpkin favor.

I never planned the outcome, and just had fun gluing away.

While I could've stopped with the jack-o-lantern,
I so badly wanted to add a witch hat.

I bought some paper-mache cones recently, 
and a witch hat was the first thing I thought of
when I saw them. I knew if I didn't use them all for Halloween,
I could make mini Christmas trees out of them.
As it turns out, I painted them all black,
but not before gluing hat rims to them.
Neatness wasn't really a necessity,
since I was adding paint and glitter.

I used a variety of Meyer Imports German glass glitters for this.
My new favorite glitter color is Black.
So much immediate impact.
I love it!

The hat is covered with 80-grit black glass glitter.
The band is 90-grit orange glass glitter.
The rim is black mica flakes. It almost looks satiny!

I first pulled out the plastic handle on the pumpkin.
It occurred to me that if I painted it black first,
it would accentuate the sections after embellishing,
if I left the crevices black. I was right!
(Since you're painting plastic, I recommend 
chalk or chalkboard paint, but some craft paints are also
available now for multi-surfaces.)

The pumpkin is covered with Autumn Hues Medley,
which is a multi-color glass glitter mix.
To really make the "carved" face stand out, 
I filled the areas with 90-grit Black glass glitter,
and framed them with metallic gold paint.

After putting the hat together with the jack-o-lantern,
it needed something more to balance it out,
so I decided a dazzling little circle as a base
would give it the final touch it needed.

I painted a chipboard disk black, drew a star pattern on it
then glued it to the base. I felt it would be easier
to glue it to the pumpkin first, then I wouldn't have to worry
about leaving enough bare chipboard to
glue the pumpkin to.
I filled in the star with more 90-grit orange glitter,
and filled in around it with 90-grit black glitter.

Finally, I wanted to keep the pumpkin favor functional.
After numerous ideas, I came up with a simple
hinge design. I hot glued a piece of black wire to
the inside of the hat, then threaded it through
the existing handle hole and curled it.
Works like a charm!
For the other handle hole, I glued
a curly wire in for a final zhoozh. :) 
It also works like a handle!

This is a very lightweight piece, so not for heavy duty use.
Regardless what you use it for, it's a good idea to seal the glitter 
with clear coat for minimal shedding.

Isn't it amazing what some glitter and chipboard can do!

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  1. Wow, you'd never know this started as a boring plastic pumpkin. What a fun transformation. Thanks for sharing at VIParty.

  2. Adorable!!! Just love what you did with these. Both of these projects are so darn cute! You've "glammed" them up very nicely. I need to buy more glitter!!! Just love your Halloween crafting spirit...thanks for sharing. I popped over from My Salvaged Treasures. Have a lovely week ~ Mickie.


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