Wednesday, September 16, 2015

It's time to play with German Glass Glitter for Halloween!

Oy! It's been too long since my last post!
Once again, I've been distracted.
Besides the fact that I'm pet-sitting with these little cuties.....

I was working on my first Halloween Putz house,
but then I received a fabulous shipment.....

of this!
A vast array of German Glass Glitter colors & grits to play with!

I was approached a few months ago by Meyer Imports
(North American importer of German Glass Glitter)
about teaming up with them, to craft with their awesome
products, and share my creations.
Since I discovered the merits of glass glitter years ago,
this was kind of a no-brainer for me.
(Some of this pictured is purchased, and some is complimentary.)

I am in the design phase of creations for 
Halloween and Christmas, so as I use Meyer's products, 
I will describe where I've used them.
They have so many products,
that my selection doesn't even scratch the surface!

This is the first Halloween item I applied their glitter to.

I found these darling little treat cauldrons at the thrift store,
but I'm sure there's a plethora of them in retail land.
Since there were raised flames on it already,
it made the design easy.

I used 80-grit Black glass glitter for the body,
and Pumpkin Spice Medley for the flames.
Just for fun, I used Black Mica for the rim
to give it an ashy appearance.

Finally, I pulled out the flimsy black handle
and added a black wire. 

Using this as a decoration,
it would be cute with a battery votive,
as if something was brewing inside,
or with a mini skeleton.
If used as a party favor,
you need to seal the glitter with glossy varnish.
You don't want any glitter to shed,
especially since it's glass.

I have to say, I've purchased German glass glitter from 
a lot of shops, and it is now apparent that I've been deprived of
the good stuff many times. It appears that some
merchants mix the pure silver-backed glitter with 
the sugary colored glitter, to fill the ounces
for less money. The brilliance of Meyer's glass glitter
is truly the best I've used, so needless to say,
I can now accept no substitutes.
Brilliance aside, since I like to be artistic with 
whatever medium I use, I LOVE the fact that 
I have so many grit sizes to choose from!

Next up, I'll be showing the 2 new Halloween creations 
I just completed, both with the German Glass Glitter.

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Thank you to Meyer Imports for complimentary product. 
All creations, words, opinions and photos are 100% my own.

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