Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Vintage Button Card Creations, Episode II

Back at Christmastime, I wrote about my design epiphany with some vintage button cards I had.

Well, since I loved them so much, I thought it would be fun to create some for year-round gift-giving, and not just Christmas. So, I hit the Ebay trail, and amassed a small hoard of vintage button cards to play with. I've seen a lot of digital downloads of images of them, but nothing beats the real thing with me, with all their wrinkles, creases, and price tags, making each one unique.

And is usually the case, I couldn't stop there. I also ordered some beautiful seam binding tape and velvet, in a variety of colors, millinery flowers, and stamen. Thank God for Etsy. You can't just walk around the corner to find a millinery supply store. I already had many colors of crepe paper and rick rack just waiting for a new creation. Vintage rick rack is another gem, since it's usually cotton, allowing me to dye or bleach it.

So, without further ado, hear are my first creations of the year............

As I've said before, Aqua makes Everything better.
I loved that this card still had the old Woolworth's
price tag on it, so I made it part of the design.
Thought I'd play with the crepe paper on this one, instead of rick rack..
After using dictionary paper on the Christmas ones,
I think it's officially one of my trademarks to
use it on all of them. On this one, I really made it
one of the focal points, wrapping it on multiple stems.

My Bingo markers always seem to sneak into my designs.

Definitely a different look for me, as I usually require more color.
However, I like this aged look,
imagining the flowers' color fading to brown, 
and the crepe that was once whiter.
Thanks to alcohol ink, I could easily create that effect.

The abalone buttons coordinated perfectly with the 
embossed silver graphics. I ordered some charcoal
seam binding, that couldn't have matched better.

The seam binding and velvet I ordered were all beautiful,
but I really wanted everything to look more vintage
like the button cards. So I soaked and scrunched them up 
with that ever-useful alcohol ink, and it gave them
the aged warmth I was looking for.

More button cards are waiting, so back to crafting I go!
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  1. Beautiful!! In my head I can see a collection of these framed -- so pretty individually and as a group. Gorgeous-ness.

    1. Thanks Amy! Yes, that was one thing I pictured as well. Tied to a gift, and then the recipient could display it framed, hanging from a doorknob, or making it magnetic, etc.

  2. Quite Smitten. A perfect use of something old with those charming graphics...a perfect project.

  3. I really like what you have done. Especially the red since I love red!!

  4. I subscribe to way too many blogs but you should know that I always, always open yours since you have such a great eye and I identify with your esthetics. These are such lovely vignettes, done on such a tiny scale.

  5. Thank you Ladies! It's always a treat when someone besides myself likes my creations....

  6. Just perfect. I think the aqua is my favorite, but they're all wonderful.

  7. absolutely perfect! theb red one's my favorite but they are all gorgeous!

    love duTchess

  8. Perfect little works of art! I'll be poring through my button card box today for sure..thanks for sharing these treasures.


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