Monday, February 4, 2013

Mid Century and Art Nouveau Treasures

Thought I’d share a couple of awesome finds from 
my recent treasure-hunting.

 Mid Century Toy couch and chair, made by Hall’s Lifetime Toys.
I can’t believe how great their condition is! No stains or tears, 
and the wood looks wonderful.

 I never had anything this cool for my Barbie dolls. 
Woody really enjoys it though…..:)

Another gem is this lamp base.
 I don’t normally gravitate to cherubs, but I couldn’t resist the bronze and gilt finish, with the heft of a pink red marble base.

Just too beautiful to leave behind. All it needs is a DIY lamp wiring kit.

I currently have it listed on Ebay, since I just had no clue what it’s worth. I’m glad I did, because the watchers are quickly adding up. Anyone know what’s special about this piece? I’d love to know, since the watchers wouldn't dare enlighten me……



  1. NOt a clue-----maybe they just love cherubs??
    That furniture is so cool! You did find some goodies!!

  2. The toy furniture is to die for... Lovely finds.


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