Friday, February 15, 2013

Non-Meteoric Treasures of the Week.....

How about that meteorite! Pretty powerful stuff. There’s probably a lot of questionable creatures thinking their Mothership has finally come for them……

While the flu has been hovering over me like a Dementor all week, so far it hasn’t sucked the soul out of me. I’ve basically kept it at bay, but I’m still woozy and weak, so I've been quite unproductive. Thank the gods for the internet, or I’d be one seriously Bored Being.

But the sun is shining so bright and cheery today, so it’s at least put me in a good enough mood to share some of my recently-found treasures.  

First up, this adorable toy ceramic tea set. 
I only had plastic ones, 
so these would've been a treat to play with.

It’s no secret that I have a big ol’ warm fuzzy for Dutch treasures, due to my very dear friend in The Netherlands. But I can’t keep everything I find, so off to Etsy it went. Although there’s no teapot, I’m amazed that the cups, saucers, and plates are still complete with 4 place settings! The children must not have had too many High Teas with this set.....

A beautiful James Kent ceramic ribbed planter from Staffordshire.

 The green Chrysanthemum design is crisp and stunning, 
and there’s not one single chip anywhere, just gorgeous crazing.

And finally, this very very old papier-mache letter holder.

 I believe it’s Turn-of-the-Century, and is made with a hole for hanging. Although it has lacquer finish issues, the painted detail is intact. I was first drawn to what appears to be a faux tortoise paint technique, that shows its maximum effect when shifted in the light. I’m really hoping someone will have the lacquer finish restored, because it’s still physically sound.

I guess I’ll go back to my regularly-scheduled program now…..TV, internet, chicken soup, and bedrest……


  1. Hope you feel better soon (and glad you were able to rally long enough to post!)

  2. oh my you did find some good treasure me hearty!
    wish I could bring you some good old chickensoup...


  3. Hope you are feeling much better soon!! Love your treasures.


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