Monday, July 14, 2014

Peacocks, Plasmetl, Marbled Tin, Renoir, & Wedgwood Treasures

Okay. So maybe it looks like I’m guilty of avoidance, since I haven’t worked on my painting projects all week, but…….

It’s Summertime, and when the pickins are aplenty, you got to get pickin’!

So here are a few treasures I acquired this week for the Etsy shop.

A fabulous metal Retro letter & bill holder, with Peacock lithos! Awesome.

A gorgeous Blue Bird Harry Vincent tin, with stunning graphics mimicking red & pink marble with Turquoise cabochons. I do love me some red & aqua!

A charmimg, heavy cast metal trinket box with a silky lid insert of Renoir’s “At the Concert”.

Super cheery yellow, rigid plastic serving baskets, made by Plasmetl. The only info I could find on this company was an advertisement from 1949. As I said, these are hard plastic, and not the soft, flexible kind you’ve seen in the diners, so maybe these were the height of sophistication for the Mid-century party. :) Definitely a retro statement maker, and there’s 8 of them!

 And finally……A classic Wedgwood Blue Jasperware compote. Please indulge my appreciation of how photogenic this piece is. I just couldn’t stop taking pictures of it with seashells in it. They were made for eachother…..

Off I go for more treasure-hunting….Indoors! Where the A/C is. It’s too damn hot outside for this native Oregonian, who is way more Fern than Cactus!

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