Monday, August 11, 2014

The Many Faces of Mr. Williams

My heart is crying today, and I’m still in shock. 

Our planet lost my favorite and most beloved comedian of my generation.

He made his mark with me the moment I saw him as Mork.

Robin Williams had the great gift of being able to make me laugh till I cried. It was always a treat to watch him on a talk show, because you were guaranteed a hilarious impromptu performance.

They say laughter is the best medicine.

I am so very devastated that this medicine could not buffer what ailed him, as it did for the rest of us.

No one will ever match his genius,
rapid-fire wit.

You are irreplaceable & one-of-a-kind, Robin 

and will be sorely missed. 

"What Dreams May Come" will always be a favorite Robin Williams movie of mine. So poignant, and moreso now. Last night I couldn't stop thinking about how his character's wife died, and the darkness she endured. I wish for Robin to now be frolicking around in those colorful paintings, with his old pal
Christopher Reeve......

Comedic Angel


  1. Beautiful tribute, thank you. You said everything so eloquently. I was in awe of his talent. What a loss. Your post let the tears flow that I have been holding back. Thank you for your post.

  2. Thank you for this beautiful tribute. I feel the same, like apart of my life has gone......xoDebi

  3. He was unbelievably quick witted and so amazingly funny. It took my breath away to think that a man with such gifts could be in such despair. Depression is a terrible condition. Perhaps his suicide will have an impact on the nation and educate people about mental illness.His body of work and the joy and happiness he greated will live on; we may be able to reach out and create a legacy for him that would have warmed his kind, humane soul.

  4. I too have shed many a tear at the loss of this treasure of a man. Such talent and grace.


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