Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sam Fink, Industrial, Asian, & Retro Treasures + a Chalk Paint Candidate

I’ve been feverishly working on two painted treasures simultaneously,
therefore, neither is done.

So in the meantime, I thought I’d show a few vintage finds
that made their way to my Etsy shop this week.

A fabulous Sam Fink filigree perfume stand,
complete with glass atomizers.
I even love the great little box it was stored in.

An old industrial wooden cigar press mold. Very cool.

A wonderful old Japanese lacquered tray, with very artistic placement of Mother of Pearl inlay in the tray, as well as rings of it woven into the rim. Gorgeous!

There are heat ring marks on the tray, but for my taste, it’s just historical character, so of course I love the tray anyway.

And a charming little chalkware salt or pepper shaker, reminiscent of the Royal Doulton or Toby mugs. She is the perfect picture of an English woman, ready for tea.

And the final treasure…..

Oh, the fun I’m gonna have painting this! It’s a retro plastic Lerner storage or sewing box, with two drawers. You’ve seen my plastic transformations, and this may just end up
being the best yet! Can't wait
to decide on the colors.

Three-dimensional detail on every side and top! This is screaming for the chalk paint treatment. Not only do I love the raised patterns, but I love love love that
I don’t have to design any graphics for this piece! 

So much time and effort goes into creating a design, and sometimes it’s more time than actually painting it. So needless to say, my right brain is thrilled to have a
brief respite from graphic design.

I’ll strip the inside, and line it with some eye-catching paper.

So maybe the next post will be this completed project?

No, Maria, you have to finish one of
your other projects first……


  1. Oh, perhaps if you do this project, it will fire you up to finish the others, said the Queen of Procrastinators. I just got back from a local library booksale...something I should NOT go to! I should be selling books, not buying more. Oh, addictions, they are fun but they are trying. Can't wait to see this piece, plus the others you are working on.

    1. You can't dub yourself Queen unless you're the only one, which, clearly, you are not! I have my own struggles with the procrastinator beast.....:) But really, what would we do without such worthy addictions? Probably be bored out of our minds....

  2. That cigar press mold is fabulous and I love how you're displaying the seed packs. Would be great for pictures too. The box is a perfect candidate for a paint job...great bones.

  3. I have just been intro to you, and oh my! Such eye culls of amazing treasures! The chest is perfect! Nice to visit! xoDebi in Canada


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