Monday, July 1, 2013

I Found The Coolest Thing At The Thrift Store!

I braved the heat and went to the thrift store on Sunday. Since my lil’ Jeep doesn’t have A/C, I am only willing to drive as far as
my neighborhood GW to go
treasure-hunting on a face-melting day.

But Oh, I was so rewarded for going. I only came home with one thing, but it’s a doozy! I can’t believe I found something this cool at a thrift store.

No matter what you call it….coal scuttle, coal bin, coal hod, it’s seriously awesome. I love everything about it.

The color,

the brass accents,

the feet,

the scoop,

and the removable bin inside.

Again I say, Awesome!

All I know is, those Victorians/Edwardians sure had a way of taking utilitarian items and making them beautiful. I’ve always believed that useful things should be aesthetically pleasing, since you use them all the time.

Haven’t decided whether to list it on Ebay or Etsy, but I do know it needs to be gently cleaned up a bit.

After this treasure, I think many of my future thrift finds will pale by least for a little while. You heard me, Universe.
Prove me wrong!


  1. I can't believe you found that at GW. I never venture in there anymore as I never find a thing. Lucky you!

  2. wow mia that is some treasure you hunted down there!!
    you arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg a good pirate :-)



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