Saturday, July 13, 2013

Charming Herb Tray via Chalk Paint and Stencils

I found lots of small treasures this past week, but that will have to wait for another post. They’ve all been put on the back burner while I completed another chalk painted project. You know those old wooden, dove-tailed flatware trays? I’ve always gravitated to them, and use them in my craft drawers instead of the kitchen.
I’ve had this one for quite a while now, and had no intention of painting it. Recently, a dear friend gave me a new
set of alphabet stencils in a great font,
and I really wanted to find something
to use them on.
I’ve also been hankering to paint
a sign with chalk paint.
So at the intersection of chalk paint, letter stencils, and old wood, and throw in my gardening mood, here is the result……
I’ve acquired these old trays with graphics painted on the sides, (windmills are my favorite), but up until now, haven’t painted my own design.
I wanted this tray to be at home on a countertop or table, rather than stuck in a drawer. I believe I’ve made it worthy of being on display now.
Since the wood was already very old and aged, I didn’t want to hide all of the beautiful patina with paint. So I dry-brushed very lightly, here and there, with Red, Kelly Green, and Moss chalk paint. I gave the same treatment to the dividers and the inner walls, and darkened all of the inner corners with a black wash,
to mimic to look of darkened wood from moisture. I then stenciled “Herbs” and “Seeds” alternated on all 4 sides. Then after lightly distressing with sandpaper, I sealed the paint treatment with clear and dark wax. I left the bottom wood bare (above and below) just to preserve the rustic look. I really love how it turned out, so naturally
I couldn’t stop taking beauty shots of ways to use it.
For holding mini planters of herbs.
Great for tea bags, sweeteners, etc.
A charming serving tray for cordials.
And of course, for silverware…. I have another larger dove-tailed tray, but the wood patina is blonde, so I may be more liberal with the chalk paint. Not to mention the size will allow for longer words, so we’ll see what I come up with. Ciao for now.
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