Saturday, June 29, 2013

Chalk Paint Before & After.... The Key To Your Castle

Oregon is officially into Summer temperatures. So when it’s 90+ degrees outside, and I'm more of a Boston Fern than a cactus, it’s the opportune time to play with chalk paint, while enjoying the A/C!

I’ve been digging through my hoard, and have found all sorts of things to work my paint magic on.

I’ve had this metal key plaque for years, but I decided it needed a better life than sitting in a storage box.

It had great Medieval bones, and since it’s a sturdy 17” of cast metal, versus the retro resin ones,

I felt it deserved the royal treatment.

Since I am such a fan of rust and verdigris, it should come as no surprise what colors I chose. Tada!

One of the many great things about chalk paint, is that it’s matte finish lends itself well to the rust effect, since rust and verdigris are powdery and crusty. Perfect!

Over the black, I added a chocolate brown, followed by brick red, rust, and finally aqua.

Rather than the usual distressing and waxing, to keep an authentic rusty appearance, I sprayed it with matte clear coat, and nothing else. The clear coat will also protect it from the elements, in the event its new purpose is to be garden art.

If you are ever attempting to paint something to look old, just place it up against something that IS old, and see if they look at home together.

Mission Accomplished!

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  1. It looks really wonderful, Maria. I love verdigris and have plans to paint a lot of things, down in the basement, where it is cooler than outside. It's been very humid and many afternoons we have had heavy downpours; I feel like I am living in a jungle.


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