Monday, June 17, 2013

Retro Family Drive-In Treasure

I haven’t had many treasures screamin’ at me at the thrift store lately, but one thing did stand out this weekend.

Ain’t it great? An homage to a bygone era.

You know how I feel about aqua and red, and when yellow is added, it’s no shock that this grabbed ahold of my attention, and didn’t let go.

Seriously cool 3-dimensional details.

….and I love the tinted windows showing the diner inside, with signs showing “Fountain Creations” and “Coca Cola” on the wall.

This is a resin Burwood clock from 1988. The clock is battery-operated, and still works. The plastic clock cover is toast, big time, and is easily removable, as shown. In the era of online shopping, I have to believe that replacing it isn’t impossible.

Coming soon to my Etsy shop…..

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  1. Love the colors, love the details, but especially love the old cars!! That should sell quickly!

  2. Great find! Anything with those colors sells super fast in my shop and booth. It won't last long.

  3. Wow. You ladies couldn't be more right. I listed it yesterday, and it just sold! Awesome!

  4. ooooh mia that is SO cool!!
    I just love the vibrabt colors!



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