Thursday, July 19, 2012

Treasure-Hunting Soothes the Soul Indeed.......

That has been the motto of my Etsy shop and blog from their inception. That motto could not have been truer than when I picked up this beauty at Goodwill yesterday.

I've found a couple wicker bottles in the past,
but this one truly merits being called a demijohn,

measuring 15" tall and 8" diameter at its widest point.

Upon further inspection, on the bottom,
there was a piece of wood with only a few letters.
Thank the gods for Google, I was able to find a match
for the incomplete words, (H. Heye Hamburg), telling me this gorgeous 
treasure came from Germany.

If I didn't purchase this specifically for selling, 
I would sooo keep it.
Look how fabulous it looks with my other treasures.

I also bought this hand mirror the day before.
All brass, with fantastic raised details, and ruffled edges.
I just couldn't stop taking pictures of this grouping.
So much texture and contrast, that is was difficult
to take a bad picture. I think it needs a place in my banner.

This demijohn is definitely the find of my week, or maybe my month,
and is a perfect example of why treasure-hunting soothes
My soul........
Dear Demijohn, it's not you, it's me. I have financial needs 
that outweigh  my love for you. I'm sure you will find
someone on Ebay who will love you more than money.
Farewell, my German friend.......

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  1. great finds. i've never heard of a demijohn. i agree that you have taken some fabulous photos there! well done.

    1. Thank you!

      Demijohns were wrapped in wicker to cushion them when in transport. I just love how they look. So rustic!


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