Monday, July 23, 2012

Chalk Paint Possibilities.......

You know, I've been playing (and working) with paint since I was a teenager. As much as I've always enjoyed the instant gratification, I've never had as much happy anticipation as I do with chalk paint. I think it's obvious why......little to no prep work required, and fantastic distressability. Good word....Distressability.....

Now whenever I scout the thrift store aisles, I'm even more enthusiastic when I find a paintable object with great potential. (Since I don't have the space to bring home furniture, I have to restrict my acquisitions to smaller items like shelves, curios, etc.)

Found two cute pieces this weekend, just aching for a makeover. Here's the first:

Isn't this adorable? It's definitely homemade,
with painted plywood tiers. 
When I first bought it, I originally thought I'd sell it as is. much as I love red, I think a couple more
chalk paint colors, using the red as a base,
will add some serious nostalgic charm.
I first imagined this for vendor displays at a
flea market, but how adorable would this be
at Christmastime, holding a bazillion
little bottle brush trees. Or how about a bazillion cupcakes........
yeah, cupcakes....
with coconut on top......

Focus, Focus.....
Yeah, yeah. So here's the other treasure....

This is one of those really small, low-sitting footstools.
I think with some new stuffing, fabric, and paint,
she could be a real charmer.

I'm hoping that blogging about them pre-facelift 
will force my follow-through skills to kick in
sooner, rather than later. 

Okay then. On to the paint....


  1. I can definitely visualize that stand COVERED with Christmas goodies!

    1. Yeah, but now I can't get those coconut cupcakes outta my head. Haven't had any sugar in a month! But at least my waistline's lost 2 inches, so there's that.......

  2. There's nothing like putting your to-do list on the internet, where it will stay forever, to get moving on projects! Looking forward to your results. :-)


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