Monday, July 30, 2012

Thrifty Enlightenment.....

For many many years now, I have been waxing poetic about my love for antique and vintage treasure-hunting to anyone who will listen. 

Of its many virtues, learning something new is always a great bonus, and sometimes the new knowledge is worth more than the item. 
At least to me it is......

Case in point.......I brought home this deck of cards the other day. I generally scan the decks, but I rarely buy them. The only reason I bought this deck was because I liked the graphics. Thought maybe someone might buy them for art projects on Etsy. After researching the brand, I decided to list them on Ebay, just in case they're worth more than what I would've sold them for on Etsy.

Now while these may not be valuable, I was intrigued about the sticker on the box. It is a tax stamp. I was unaware that playing cards used to be taxed. My research tells me this tax stamp was issued between 1929 and 1940. Sherlock types like me bow to the god that is Google....:)

The other thing I learned is about the company that made them, which is Arrco. (Two R's, so not the petroleum company.)  I would not have even known they were made by Arrco had I not looked at the aces in the deck. Anyway, their unused vintage Tahoe brand decks can sell for up to $200 on Ebay. They are apparently the deck of choice for magicians. I will now spend more time scanning the card decks in the thrift store, as there are usually stacks of them. There are repros out there, so I will have to research the brand further.

The second treasure I brought home was something else I've never seen before. I've seen lots of Pyrex custard cups, but never with etched flowers on them. The etching has some great detail too. I'm sure Pyrex collectors have seen these many times, but they're new to me.

The Google god tells me the pattern number 410 was only produced 
from the late 1920's to the early 30's.

Though their age shows, I still thought they were charming enough 
to bring home.

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  1. I love the research part, too ... I always learn something, and I learned something from you today!

  2. Ditto with Barbara...more tidbits of info learned in blogland!


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