Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mercantile Vases

The theme this weekend for Funky Junk Interiors' 
SNS party is 
"Flower Arrangements in Creative Containers".
I had so many options, but so little time,
so this is a last minute entry.

I have a great fondness for the old country store 
or mercantile style,
so I thought I'd feature pieces 
from my collection that reflect that.

I've had this mini barrel for years, as evidenced by
 the faded writing and rusty bands, which of course
just gives it that much more junkie street cred.
Any flower would do here, 
but I used what was ready for cutting,
which in this case was some striking False Indigo.
Using a mini barrel is kind of a no-brainer,
since the large ones are used as planters.
In this case, just stick a jar or glass inside,
and she's a fabulous, rustic vase for alfresco dining.

Perfect old-fashioned min vase. 
The only thing you must must do
is seal all the seams with silicone.
Just apply it with a craft brush
so you can reach inside the tin.
Spice containers, especially old ones,
are only made for dry material,
so will definitely leak if you don't.
The most convenient spice tins for vases
are the ones with the large oval lids,
since it leaves plenty of room
for the stems.

Dontcha love this? Very mercantile.....

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