Monday, April 16, 2012

Will Goodwill be Good Today?

That is always my question on the way there.

I was running errands, and wasn't even planning on going today, but I'm glad I talked myself into popping in.

Today ended up being quality over quantity. 
Look what I found.......

This is just all kinds of awesome, 
and coming to my Etsy shop soon.
This baby's dated 1973, and the ring is nostalgically divine. 

Nifty Texas Ware Confetti bowl. 
This one's kind of a putty gray, and loaded with spots of color.
You really have to be an eagle eye when you 
peruse the plastics aisle. To the unobservant,
this looks very nondescript, especially when 
there's a bunch of Tupperware in and under it.

This Thompson litho is so much richer in person.
I adore the artist's use of color,
and this print is a perfect example. 
I am especially thrilled with its size (13x17)
and the gorgeous original silver wooden frame.

I've still got to finish my painting projects,
so I resisted buying any more paintables.
Off I go......the paint awaits!

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  1. the phone is magnificent! now there's something to put on a decorative, high table!
    sometimes I wished I had half the inner jack sparrow that you have, always finding treasure like you do!


    1. Oh but you do my dear. Don't sell yourself short!

  2. Goodwill is rarely good to me but it's great for you!

  3. Nice work! I'm crossing my fingers for my weekly stop today!

  4. Great phone. I'm all for quality over quantity these days. Our Goodwills are stocking more and more newer items and less donated stuff. Not sure the reason, but I tend to go to the smaller thrift stores now.

  5. Very beautiful this phone!
    I work with a wide variety of fixtures, moldings and arabesques in resin.

    learn more;

  6. I love the phone! I saw something similar once at the thrift store, but I left it thinking it might just be a reproduction. Gah! I should've just taken it. It would've been a steal for $10.


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