Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mystery Provenance

One of my favorite elements of treasure-hunting is researching each piece. As in what's it worth, where'd it come from, and what's its purpose. So it's a happy bonus when I learn something new. I have learned nothing, so far, of the treasures 
I found this weekend. Perhaps someone will shed some light.

First up, this stunning rustic piece of copper. Isn't it gorgeous?
I'm assuming this is a pie server.
Can't find a maker's mark. Is this Stickley-ish?

I actually found two of these, both G's. Mounted on thick wood.
Who would have two monogrammed mirrors in their home?
Could these have come from a place of business,
like a hotel perhaps?

Isn't this adorable?
I'm guessing it isn't old, but I have
never seen a satchel woven from
natural materials, other than leather.
Did this originally come from a Cost Plus
or Pier 1 type store?

And how cute is this? 
Although I think it's made to be a toast stamp,
it could just as easily be a barbecue branding iron
for a breakfast steak.

This last piece is not a mystery.
I normally buy jewelry boxes with great bones
so I can chalk paint them, but that just can't 
happen this time. Ain't she sweet?
And if the exterior wasn't enough,
check out the vivid Turquoise interior.
And if that wasn't enough, 
she's also musical, and plays 
"A Time for Us".

Treasure-hunting does indeed soothe the soul......:)

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  1. Wow, what a totally interesting collection of finds! I, too, enjoy the researching part. ~Heather

  2. Breakfast steak -- you are ambitious early in the morning! :-)

    Love that purse and I know nothing about it. Usually the only way I can (guesstimate) date them is by the fabric that lines them. Great scores. The copper piece is especially intriguing.

  3. No idea on any of them, but they're pretty (I think you already knew that!)

  4. Oh I love more than one of your treasures! Great finds.

  5. That copper piece is wonderful!

  6. ooooh I love the jewelry box mia!

    love dutchess


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