Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Aqua makes Everything Better......

Remember this?

Well look at 'er now.....

Isn't it remarkable what a little paint can do?

This is some homemade chalk paint I whipped up
with a bottle of acrylic craft paint and plaster of Paris.
I tinted it to look a hint more greenish aqua, like verdigris.

After painting the entire surface, 
I let it dry for about an hour.
Then, I very carefully wiped the dried paint off 
the raised areas with a moistened rag,
leaving the paint in the deeper areas.

Once that was done, I let the paint bond
for a few hours, then brushed on clear and dark wax.
I even dark-waxed the brass legs.
After buffing, she was ready to show off!
I left the inside bare, so it could be used as a planter.

I always hate to see perfectly good containers littering
the thrift store shelves, just because they're brass.
So if a big ol' brass piece isn't your thing, 
just tone it down with a little paint.

These mirror trays are dime a dozen.


Now look what just a little color accent can do.....

I painted the outer band and inner band next to the mirror.

Same dark wax and buffing. Voila!

The bottom was covered in worn out purple corduroy,
and if I wasn't prepping it to sell, would've left it alone.
But since I was sprucing her up, 
I figured, why stop at the paint?
So I removed the backing, ripped off the fabric,
applied some vintage wallpaper,
varnished and dark-waxed to go with the paint.
All done!
Easy Peasy....

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  1. I hear brass is the new silverplate.

    Love the accent on the mirror -- I have several of those sitting around (they can be found everywhere, can't they?) and they just feel like they need something. Now I know what it is. Thanks Maria!

  2. it is absolutely amazing what a little bit of paint can do! very pretty, thanks for sharing!

  3. Hey Lovey....!!

    THANKS so much for popping by....I'm glad I'm not the only one allowing time consuming details slow me down.... :o) !!

    You've out done me with this verdigris style painting though....MIND....You've given me an idea or two....**wink**....!! I LOVE how both these pieces turned out....!!!

    I just read your post about DIck Clark & am greatly saddened by his passing....He holds a fond place in my heart having been introduced to him on Aussie TV many MANY years ago....TOO young I reckon....!!

    Have a WONDERFUL weekend won't you....!!

    Tamarah :o)

  4. clever you!! such a fabulous idea and simply lovely results on both pieces :)

  5. I have a similar tray and I love how you covered the bottom. Looks great!

  6. "easy peasy"?? easy for YOU to say! (they are gorgeous btw)

  7. ... and what is your ratio of acrylic paint to plaster of paris, what kind of brush did you use to apply it with?


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