Monday, August 22, 2011

My first chalk-paint-on-wood makeover

from Frumpy Wallflower........
to Belle of the Ball......
I was happy with the wood's finish, so I decided to use that as the base color. I added 2 coats of Annie Sloan's Provence chalk paint, followed by clear wax and lots of distressing. Finished off with dark wax, 
to really give it the Old World patina. 

As much as I love Duck Egg Blue, the rich, luscious Provence continues to thrill me. I would love an entire wall to have 
the finish of this corner shelf, 
with the reddish-brown tone revealed in spots. 
Perhaps something fun to do on clay pots or a brick wall.

Okay, so maybe it appears like I have a one-track mind, with all the chalk paint projects in Provence and Duck Egg Blue. The reality is that these are the first chalk paint colors I've purchased, as samples no less, and I still have plenty of paint left. Now that I know I'm in love with the paint, 
and how fabulous it distresses, 
I'm sure a few new colors are in order, and stat!

Next painting project.....rustic wooden tray.


  1. Oh, and there is no shortage of ugly brown wooden things that need a makeover! That's a really fabulous re-do.

  2. Excellent! I have a feeling this chalk paint addiction is going to get expensive for all of us junkies :-) I still have quite a bit of my samples as well (thank you) but I want more colors now. Of course.

  3. I love the way you did this shelf. I have one similiar - I just ordered my samples of Provence & Duck Egg Blue this morning. Can't wait to start painting.


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