Sunday, August 7, 2011

Barn House Virgin No More

Vintage flea markets are fairly new to me, having only gone to antique malls and shows at the Portland Expo Center. I'd heard of the big fleas like Round Top and Rose Bowl, among others, but up until about a year ago, was unaware of what was brewing in the PNW. Thanks to the fabulous Land of Blog, I have discovered a whole new world of vintage Utopia. When I found out that a taste of this goodness was in my neck of the woods, 
I knew I had to mark my calendar. 

Last weekend, I was fortunate enough to go to not one, but 2 vintage flea markets. At only 45 miles away, how could I not go. One of these shows was the fabulosity that is Barn House, and hosted by the generous and spirited duo of 
Joe and Jermonne, 
on their farm in Battleground, WA.

I've only read about their show, so needless to say, 
I had to see for myself what all the hype was about. I was not disappointed. The terms flea market, venuevendor, and dealer are so nondescript, that they simply do not do justice to the people and location that created this experience. Because that's what these shows are - experiences. There is such creativity and sense of community in the atmosphere, that I truly felt like I had arrived at the Mothership. So much time, effort, and love is put into every "Vintage Utopian's" display, that you realize this is not just a place to shop, 
it's a lifestyle. 

I could go on about all the highlights of the displays and treasures, but I think perhaps the most striking facet of a vintage show at a farm is the juxtaposition. The pairing of vintage elegance with a pastoral backdrop, complete with barn, animals, and hay underfoot, is the most incredible visual feast, as each element truly complements the other.  

I've got a soft spot for whimsy and theatrics, having dabbled in them myself for various projects, so I get pretty stoked when I witness over-the-top displays. It takes a lot of creative moxie to go crazy with your bad self, putting your whimsical mind's eye on display. I give that individuality award to Cindy, Queen of Tarte. Is this fabulous, or what? You go girl!

I met some wonderful people at this show, like Auntie Joy, Cindy of Tarte, Lisa (Thing for Roses), and of course, the BH hosts with the most. I'd like to give very special mention to Deb and Bob Kennedy, affectionately known as DeBob, who took the time to chat with me a great deal in the hot, hot sun. Their welcoming and spirited conversation was captivating, and they treated me like an old friend. So captivating, in fact, that I assume that's why I completely failed to take pictures of their inspiring, grand display. 
Well, that's my theory, and I'm stickin' to it!

Thank you Joe & Jermonne, for having the vision and generosity to share your farm for such a memorable event. I will most certainly be back, and will tell everyone I know about the magic that is Barn House! 

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  1. Thank you for the beautiful post on our little show! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. :o)

    J & J

  2. Sounds awesome. And I love your description about the mothership! If only I could get out there....

  3. Looks wonderful. That four-poster painted bed with the flowers would have had to come home with me.

  4. SOOO well written! We were there and you just brought us back again!

  5. Fabulous Photography of a great Event! So glad to have discovered your Beautiful Blog this evening!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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